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Protection of Environment Until recently the planet was a large world in which human activities and the nature were in balance. But there are a lot of problems facing people on the planet Earth nowadays. The most urgent problem concerning the people of the whole world is an ecological one. Environmental protection is the main problem facing humanity nowadays. What is the environment? It is everything around us. Unfortunately millions of people on our planet live in areas in which air is not safe to breathe. Human activities have made the environment unhealthy.

The development of industry has had a bad influence on the tauter of the whole world. People often do things which pollute land and waters greatly. Another environmental problem is air pollution. One of its results is acid rain. It is caused by smoke from factories and transport. Acid rains damage soils, vegetation, rivers and lakes. There are many animals that are currently endangered in the world. For example on the island of Borneo, an area of rainforest’s the size of three football pitches is cut down every minute of every day.

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The plantation owners are destroying these rainforest’s because palm oil is used in many of our everyday products. If everyone only sys products that will not contain palm oil, then the people that chop down the trees will not do it anymore. It will be the best way to prevent monkeys, tigers and other animals and birds living in the rainforest’s not only Borneo island from becoming extinct. It may sound funny but people need no less protection that animals do. People’s habitats – their homes, towns and cities must be kept ecologically clean.

In the places where people drink poisoned water, eat bad food and breath polluted air they suffer from serious diseases and die early; their children are born weak. No medicines prescribed by the doctors can help them. This problem becomes more and more serious with every day passing. The modern way of life when people have little physical activity, use cars instead of walking; watch television for many hours and work on computers is turning them into legless creatures.

People should protect the environment. We shouldn’t pollute the air with fumes of cars, shouldn’t use dangerous chemicals at home and in the garden, shouldn’t use plastic package, shouldn’t make fires in the parks and woods, shouldn’t cut down the trees, shouldn’t throw the litter in the streets. People should use bikes rather then cars, use less chemicals in the gardens and at home, clean way the territory around, put more waste bins, plant more trees and flowers etc.

Nowadays the emission of smoke and waste is strictly controlled by special governmental agencies. The activity of different environmental organizations helps to improve the situation. The Ukrainian Green Party is very active today. “Selene Spit” is the Ukrainian ecological newspaper. It calls on people to protect the natural wealth and to use it in a more careful and economical manner for the benefit Of the present and future generation. As a famous proverb says: “Study nature. Love nature. Stay close to nature. It will never fail you”.

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