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Nowadays, there are lots of problems in the society that need to be in focus. Such issues like drug abusing, crime cases, education, health, and environmental policies are all necessary to e settled so as to sustain social development. In the health aspect, we could observe that there are the government and other private organizations and foundations that are conducting medical mission in different areas. However, those are only occasionally done.

Still, some health problems exist in the state.That is why, there are also lots of proposed policies and bills in the state congress, yet, it has to undergo several readings up to the approval of the executive branch before the implementation. And assuming that I am one of the representatives in the state congress, and there would be a debate whether to implement a new human service or health care regulations, or not to implement it, I would go for the Pro side considering the aspects of the lobbied regulation, that it would provide better policy and pro-constituent act. Let us have an assumption that the new regulation or human service is the monthly free medical check up.

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As we all know, health is very important to an individual. Everyone’s productivity and the productivity of the state depend on the health condition of the citizen. Looking first at the benefits that could get by my constituents, in a monthly free medical check up, they would be able to monitor their health condition so as to prevent earlier if there is a disease that one person is suffering. They could also get free medications and medicines from the free check up so that there will be a regular supplement for each of the constituents.This is very advantage to those who are pregnant those infants that are very prone to disease. They could be checked regularly to avoid having chronic diseases.

Also, since all constituents are able to have medical consultation, any spread of disease in the area of the state could be avoided since any symptoms and any signs of illnesses could be detected in their medical check up. Further, the malnutrition in the state could also be lowered since every children and every citizen in the state could undergo medical examination monthly.As a result of all the benefits that my constituents could get with the new human service, there will e a lower mortality rate and there could be an increase in the productivity of the people since they are in good condition to work and to be a productive citizen of the state. With their positive health condition, a brighter future lays head in the near future.

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