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Proposal I recently completed the maintenance on all of or power equipment and would like to inform you of my opinion that our table saw needs to be replaced. Our current machine, a Makita 10? direct drive model is 8 years old and is suited more for a home hobbyists shop than a full production cabinet shop.

In addition to age, this table saw lacks many of the features commonly found on a production table saw. More specifically, it lacks 1) accuracy due to the construction of the saw, 2) power due to it?s undersized motor and 3) features such as T-slots and table size. I have taken the liberty to prepare a recommendation report for a 10? table saw for your consideration. Using magazine, catalog and internet resources, and after discussion with other cabinet makers here in the local area, I have narrowed my choices to two choices: Powermatic Model 66 and General International Model 50-275. Each machine has been evaluated using the following criteria, in descending order of importance: 1.

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Cutting Depth 2. Table size 3. Motor options 4.

Blade tilt 5. CostRECOMMENDATION It is recommended that we adjust our budget for the purchase of saw, table, blade, cutting, powermatic, motor, model, horsepower, capacity, right, international, general, drive, left, depth, cabinet, tilting, stock, saws, direct, volt, tilt, should, shop, front, cost, 66, offers, new, current, belt, 50-275, the, size

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