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ProjectDescriptionDeveloping an ontology of cyber security in differenttechnologies like cloud computingBackgroundand NeedModern intelligent systems in every area of science relycritically on knowledge representation and reasoning (KR). The techniques and methodsdeveloped by the researchers in knowledge representation and reasoning are key driversof innovation in computer science; they have led to significant advances in practicalapplications in a wide range of areas from natural?language processing to roboticsto software engineering. Emerging fields such as the semantic web, computationalbiology, social computing, and many others rely on and contribute to advances inknowledge representation.

As the era of “Big Data” evolves, scientists in a broadrange of disciplines are increasingly relying on knowledge representation to analyze,aggregate, and process the vast amounts of data and knowledge that today’s computationalmethods generate.LiteratureReviewAs per a recent report, there has been 6 billion cybersecurity breaches in the first semester of 2017, matching the record set acrossthe entire precedent year. In general, this alarming trend should not surprisewhen we consider that the bedrock of the Internet is a technological infrastructurebuilt almost 38 years ago for trusted military communications and not for dataexchange in the wild.

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The picture gets even worse when considering that the abilityto grasp the risk and threats associated with computer networks is averagelypoor, recent surveys have shown that 65% of the company’s victim of intrusionand information theft are usually notified by third parties and that thedetection process usually takes 13 months.On the other side Information technology is rapidlyevolving. Widespread deployment of the Internet enabled building of an emergingIT delivery model, i.e., cloud computing.

Albeit cloud computing-based serviceshave rapidly developed, their security aspects are still at the initial stageof development. In order to preserve cybersecurity in cloud computing, cybersecurityinformation that will be exchanged within it needs to be identified anddiscussed.MethodologyFirst, we define the domains for cybersecurityoperations and identify the entities required to run the operations in thedomain. Based on the domains and entities, we identify cybersecurityinformation provided by entities in each operation domain and build theontology of cybersecurity operational information.ExpectedOutcomeIdentify the major factors that affect cybersecurityinformation in cloud computing

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