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Recommend a new conference room configuration with specific model numbers and prices. The company is need of an updated conference room that can be implemented to the other two locations for a more effective meeting process. The new conference room configuration will consist of a square table in the middle of the conference room with seven chairs surrounding three corners Of the table. The reason for this is that, two new flat screen televisions will be mounted on the wall directly in front of the table. The configuration of the chairs allow for everyone to have a clear line of eight to the two TV screens.The brand of the TV will be LEG and the model will be 50-inch IPPP GHz Direct LED Smart HDTV.

This will allow for network capabilities and a clear picture for video conferencing. The second TV will be used like two monitors in which the screens will be duplicated. This will allow for the attendees’ to view the other campuses on one TV and put any visual software on like power point on the other screen. This will help limit transitioning between video and visual aids and allows for the speaker to see the reactions of the audience.

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Next, an updated sound station will be placed in the middle of the table. The Sound station model is the Poly Sound Station Premier that has echo cancellation, and automatic gain control for superior sound. 3. Recommend a personal laptop hardware and software configuration, including specific model numbers and prices. 4.

Create a list of documents that need to be created so that the procedures for operating the new equipment are understood by all users. First time set up procedures Classification Requirements Standard Operational Procedures to include time zone requirements Dial-in/Dial-out Procedures Bandwidth/General Network Requirements Schedule call Requirements 5. Discuss why each selection was made. First time setup procedures: In order to verify the organization’s domain name. This ensures that no one else can use your company’s services, and that the device licenses can be provisioned to your account.

Classification Requirements: This establishes the classifications requirements and procedures to conduct a Secret/Non-classified/Top Secret tell/video conference.This is vital to the type Of project required. SOP: Consolidates all the requirements and procedures. Additionally, establishes the set time zone criteria for scheduling calls.

For example, all the users will base conferences off of Zulu time. This is essential for multi-country networking. Dial Procedures: Gives all users the step-by-step instructions on how to dial into the other conferences rooms. Furthermore, this gives all users on how to have other organizations dial into their systems and Video Tell-conference room.

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