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Project title: Investigator: RhiannonHealeyParticipant’s name:  The interview will take 10 minutes. While there are norisks associated with your participation, you have the right to stop theinterview or withdraw from the project. Thank you for agreeing to beinterviewed as part of the research project. The BPS (British PsychologicalSociety) Code of Ethics and Conduct require that academic research conducted inUK institutions require participants to explicitly agree to being interviewedand as to how their information will be used. This form is necessary to ensurethat you understand the purpose of your involvement and that you agree to theconditions of participation.  Please read the Participant Information Sheet and bysigning this form, you agree to the following:·        The interview will berecorded.

·        Access to the interviewwill be restricted to Rhiannon Healey and academic colleagues and researcherswhom she may collaborate with.·        The actual recordingwill be kept until the submission of the project, then destroyed immediatelyafter. All or part of the content in your interview may be used;·        In news articles·        On our website andother media that may be produces such as spoken presentations·        On other feedbackevents·        In an archive of theproject as noted aboveBy signing this form, I agree that;1.    I am voluntarily taking part in this project. I understandthat I don’t have to take part, and I can stop the interview any time2.

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    I have read the information sheet3.    I do not expect to receive any monetary benefit or paymentfor my involvement4.    I have been able to ask any questions I might have, and I understandthat I am free to contact the researcher with any questions I have in thefuture  ____________________________________ Printed Name  _____________________________________            __________________DateParticipants Signature _____________________________________             __________________ DateResearchers Signature  If you have any questions orconcerns, please contact:Rhiannon [email protected] Alternatively, you can alsocontact Rhiannon’s supervisor:Melanie [email protected]

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