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Bid Analysis, and Three-point Estimates) that should be use to accomplish this task. The project team should estimate cost for all resources that will be consider for this project like IT equipment, Hardware installation, Purchasing agent, and customer support rep. The cost of a project could depend on the type, size, location, and people that needs to take over it. We should have the production function as relationship between the output of a process and the main resources.

Empirical cost inference requires statistical techniques, which relate the cost of operating a facility to better standards and use of the system.Unit cost for bill is the summation of the equipment, labor, purchasing agent, hardware installation, and customer rep. The unit cost should assign to each and then the total cost is determined by summing the costs for each activity. Allocation of joint costs can be possible from existing accounts may be used to develop a cost function of another operation.

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Resources The resources for the project are detailed earlier in this document. There are no particularly outstanding facts about them beyond what has been given.Task Sequencing First and foremost is procuring the hardware, which entails comparing available hardware choices to the budget for that system and the requirements it needs to meet, actually purchasing the hardware and delivery to the location of the installation. Estimated Shopping Time: One Week Estimated Delivery Time: Varies but One Week is considered likely Once the hardware arrives the next step is installation and testing. In a perfect world this would only take about one days worth of work based on the number of machines involved.

Erring on the side of caution this phase of the project IS likely to take three days given delays and the time it takes to track down some errors. Estimated Installation Time: Three Days Project Duration The project duration is seventeen days adding a mishap factor of four days brings the total to a round three weeks. These durations were arrived at by looking at previous jobs of this type as well as usual delivery times.

The shopping section is the portion of the project with the greatest variance on it. The procurers might find what is needed almost immediately or it might take longer.If a change of schedule occurs it is likely to occur during that phase of the project.

The budget break down has al ready been given earlier in the project but one of the implications due to the high variance during the recumbent phase is that they may end up done very early. So it needs to be stressed if they have a product that meets standards to pass it along, so that their time savings can be passed along to the other phases of the project, particularly delivery which the team has no direct control over.Baseline At this point the project gets a baseline that is used to measure the project’s progress against the original plan. Once the project team starts the plan is updated to keep track of the progress and it is a way to make sure that the project is delivered on-time and on-budget. Any changes to the original reject estimates will go for approval and then updated to give real time measurements of the project’s progress. With the total budget for the project being $500,000. 00 the estimates need to be as close as possible.

The estimated total cost for equipment is $63,150. 00; this should not change even with the estimate of errors occurring during installation. Eight hours for three days to install should estimate at $13,200. 00, but with counting four days of mishap which could cost $17,600. 00 this could bring it to $30,800. 00.

The total estimate for the project would be around 93,950. 00. This estimate is for one programmer, one hardware installer, one purchasing agent, and one customer support rep.

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