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“The purpose and essence of any Record Management system is
the right information in the right place, in the right order, a. the right
time, for the right person at the lowest cost” – (Baje 1998).
For this purpose an accurate, effective and highly efficient web-based
Centralised Patients’ Record Management system is required to store and manage
the records of the patients, who are visiting the hospitals for their routine
check-ups or treatments, all over the country.

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Centralized Patients’ Record Management System is an evolutionary step in the
medical field of Pakistan. This project will help recording the accurate,
consistent and non-redundant data in an accurate, faster and safer manner,
which will be accessible to all the hospitals and authorised laboratories of
the state or country. The major objective of this system is to centralise the
data for fast information retrieval while avoiding the confusions which
threaten the quality of patient care.

project will be designed as web-based application, implemented using the open source
languages such as PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The preliminary paper work and
assessments of the project have shown that the project will be an effective,
reliable and usable Patient Record Management System.


The Centralized Patients’ Record Management system is the
repository of information about multiple patients. The information stored in
the patient record is generated by the health care professionals as a result of
direct interaction with the patient or by interacting with the person having
personal relationships with the patient (or both). Conventionally, patient
record is documented on papers and it has been causing trouble while searching
a particular document from a huge amount of data.

The system is a computerized patient record management
system which allows the data to reside in the centralized database while
providing accessibility to the authorized doctors and hospitals (including
laboratories) to access this complete and accurate data which is much easier to
search, view and update.

Privacy is the right of every individual thus the system
also provides security of the data by providing accessibility to only
authorized persons and institutes and denying the access to public individuals
in order to be protected against any physical or psychological invasion or the
misuse of their information.

The system has two end users, admins and doctors. Admins
will provide authorization to the doctors to use the system and to add the
patient record (the prescribed medicines, tests and disease diagnosis) and the
doctor cannot change or modify his account.

The system will store the basic information of a patient


Name (first, middle (if any) and last)



CNIC number

Contact number



Blood Group

Disease type including diagnosis

Medical history (the details of prescribed medicines,
medical tests, duration of treatments and overall check-up history).At first two major hospitals (Services hospital Lahore and
Mayo Hospital Lahore) will be targeted and the team will gather the preliminary
requirements from the medical superintendents and laboratories of these two
hospitals. All the information stored can be accessed by using search
query which uses the patients’ contact number or CNIC number as the input.
Moreover, the project reduces the time and effort required to perform search
and update functions more accurately, efficiently and precisely than that of
paper management.The system works by taking input from the sensor based
health monitoring system like ECG, EEG, BP, etc. the system ensures the
correctness and consistency of data by reducing the human effort and error rate
by taking direct input from the sensors.  Motivation
and Scope The project is designed for high level patient record
management. It is an integrated project which aims to target all the hospitals
under the authorization of provincial or federal government. The project will
store all the data of a patient in a centralized database which will fall under
the ministry of health, the ministry will authorize the hospitals and provide
access to the servers. The motivations for this project are:·        
To gather the record of all the patients at a single place.·        
To reduce the effort required to search and update the
redundant paper record.·        
To seal off the non-authorized and illegal institutes which
provide low quality health care facilities.·        
To get rid of all the documents required for a patient to
carry when he/she pays visit to the hospital.·        
To provide efficiency, increase performance and durability
of the system.   Related Work

is a lot of work done in the hospital management system. There are a lot of
management systems available on the internet as the free-ware or paid software
systems. Almost every management system has the ability to manage patients’
record, but on a larger scale there is no implemented work (in Pakistan)
regarding centralized patient record management. On the contrary, in the
developed countries like USA, UK and Germany the system has been implemented
and works under the government authorities.Goals and Objectives

The goals of the Patients’ Record Management System are:

To provide security to the
information of the system as security is the vital objective of any record
management system. The system provides security to the personal information of
patients which may include identity card and contact number. Such information
is stored in secure and protected database with strictly regulated access.

To preserve the vital
records such as the prescribed medicine details and test reports of a patient.

To keep the budget stable by
reducing the overhead cost, as there will be no need to save the paper work.
Although, digital data also needs storage cost but it is comparatively less
costly than the paper storage because of the non-redundant data and optimum
storage requirement.

To provide efficiency and
portability in the process of health care. The process will not only be cost
reducing but it will also reduce the performance time. As the system will
provide accessibility to the data at the same time, hence, providing the
portability to the system and data.

To get rid of the documents
a patient must have to carry with him/her at the time of visiting a hospital.


The objectives of the
system are stated as follows:


To provide accessibility,
accuracy, consistency, efficiency, portability and flexibility to the data and to
the health care process.

To provide risk management
in an easy and accurate manner.

To handle errors

To provide data in secure
and faster manner.

To statistically analyse
the data (number and ages of patients suffering from particular diseases).Future

The system provides extreme
flexibility when it comes to adapt to changes. In the future it can be
implemented in the following ways:

It can use artificial
intelligence to aid health care professionals and suggest disease diagnosis.

It can be integrated to the
hospital management system externally.

It can be useful if used as
an android or IOS based application for patients who can ask for online check-up


and Technologies

In order to develop the project following tools and
technologies can be utilized which are:

Xampp (database server)

Mamp (server)

Adobe Photoshop for
web-site designing

Sublime text editor for
HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP

Website domain

Testing tools 

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