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Programmatic General Partner Real Estate Financing  The founding chief executive officer and board chairman of Township Capital, Matthew Josef Gorelik oversees all operations at this Los Angeles-based real estate financing firm. Under Matthew J Gorelik’s direction, the firm establishes programmatic general partner equity co-investments for property developers, owners, and operators across the United States.A business arrangement that requires no state filing, a general partnership allows two or more parties to expand industry operations and capabilities by sharing general management responsibilities. In a programmatic general partnership or joint venture, these parties negotiate and agree upon a number of issues before going into business with one another. In the case of real estate financing, all programmatic general partners will come to mutually beneficial terms with regard to the types of properties they will purchase and the amount of discretion that each party will have when making these purchases. Partners will also agree on issues such as immediate access to capital deployment and the profit-sharing ratios for all incoming assets. The 2017 IGlobal Private Equity Real Estate SummitAn accomplished senior administrator with a wealth of experience in real estate financing, Matthew Josef Gorelik has served as founding chief executive officer and board chairman of Los Angeles’ Township Capital since 2014. Over the course of his career, Matthew J Gorelik has participated in panel discussions at both the Los Angeles and New York City conferences of the IGlobal PE Real Estate Summit.A provider of exclusive networking events for qualified senior administrative executives, iGlobal sponsors events that are attended by a range of elite business leaders, such as successful entrepreneurs and corporate CEOs, and high-level managers from various government and nonprofit sectors. The 2017 iGlobal Private Equity Real Estate Summit took place on March 15 and March 16 at the Pierre Hotel in New York City. This event attracted more than 200 senior-level executives in fields that relate to leading real estate private equity. Event participants represented property owners and developers as well as various investment banks, mezzanine lenders, hedge funds, private debt firms, insurance companies, foundations, and endowments. Topics covered at the 2017 iGlobal Private Equity Real Estate Summit include the various effects of the recent national shift from low interest rates and minimal inflation to high rates of both interest and inflation. 

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