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You are also required to submit your final essay to Turning. Com by 1 1 PM on the due date. Specifications: Your paper should be between 1200- 1500 words (about 4-5 pages). It is fine to go over the maximum length requirement by a couple hundred words; however, if you do not meet the minimum length requirements, I will not grade your paper. The first draft must be typed. The final paper must be typed (12 opt. Font) and double-spaced with 1 . 25-in. Margins on all sides.

Your title page should include the title of your essay, your name, my name, the course abbreviation and section number, and the date. Number the pages and paragraphs of your essay. The bottom of the last page must have the word count Please hand in your material in a pocket folder with all drafts clearly numbered and all preprinting clearly labeled. Grading: The grade for this essay will be based on whether or not you met the requirements off profile essay. Have you clearly described the subject? Have you offered information about the subject?

Have you conveyed a dominant impression? Do you have a clear organization? Have you clearly expressed your perspective on the subject? Points will also be taken off for grammatical and formatting errors. Remember: Things to consider when drafting this essay: will you use a topical or narrative plan (or both, as Edge did? ). What role will you take—a detached, semi- attaché, or participant crossover:’ want were your preconceptions AT ten student, and how have they changed? Have you given enough information to allow the readers to feel as if they have observed the subject too?

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