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Process Essay Pumpkins can represent many holidays. Allhallow eve (Halloween) and Thanksgiving are the two that most people think of when discussing the carving of pumpkins.

However you choose to celebrate the harvest season, from festive jack-o?-lanterns to exceptional table decorations, create a pumpkin with your own distinctive style. Before you begin making your pumpkin craft the required materials should be gathered together. You will need a pumpkin, a paring knife, pencils, toothpicks, a votive candle in a holder and a jar of pumpkin pie spice. When you select your pumpkin, take a good look at its shape. The shape may inspire a particular design. For example, a bumpy pumpkin may conjure up the image of a very sinister looking little demon. An egg shaped pumpkin may look like Humpty Dumpty whilst a squat and oval one may remind you of E.

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T. (The Extra Terrestrial). You may get your idea from your favorite storybook character or perhaps a figure that reminds you of Halloween or Thanksgiving. Now you are ready to start the pumpkin craft.First, draw the design lightly on the pumpkin in pencil.

Use the paring knife to cut out a circular hole in the bottom of the pumpkin; this creates pumpkin, cut, candle, out, paring, light, knife, using, time, through, place, pie, over, outs, look, design, craft, votive, top, toothpicks, thanksgiving, take, spot, spice, shine, shape, scratches, remind, now, need, make, looking, just, jack-o?-lanterns, however, hole

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