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“Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines”This quote by Robert H Schuller has had a profound influence on my life. It is a constant that drives me, and a reminder that crossing hurdles is an integral part of life. While in school, I was inquisitive, curious to learn new things. Doctors, scientists, and spacemen, all created budding dreams. When I was in high school, for the first time I had the pleasure of exploring the Internet for myself it was an amazing experience to have the entirety of the worlds knowledge at my fingertips and so it was natural that one of my most frequent searches was ‘how the Internet works?’.

While I explored this answer, I used to often engage myself in the coding of small programs. It was this ever growing interest of mine in this area that inspired me to do my bachelors in computer science and Engineering from Vellore Institute of Technology. Object- oriented programming, data structures, and algorithms, Computer Networks and database management systems were subjects that immensely intrigued me. Although the coursework was great, it was in the practical application of what I learned in the classroom where my heart finds true joy.

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In the fall of 2016, I had worked on a project titled “traffic light controlling system using Raspberry Pi”. Here I proposed a Framework using Python, for controlling the traffic lights by using a camera and image processing, which was a very different system when compared to the conventional electronic sensors. The main idea behind this project was to achieve automatic signaling without the need for traffic police or the often unfair fixed-time signals. This project was a fantastic learning experience for me, as I not only got to enhance my programming skills but I also got to explore image processing techniques first-hand.Eager to apply my newfound skills, the subsequent year I worked on and published a research paper on ‘the classification of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images’ under the guidance of Dr.

Swarnalatha P. Here, I used a support vector machine to successfully classify the given SAR image into the water and urban land. Comparing the output image obtained with the topographical map of the region we found out that the classification approach used is similar. In the third year of my undergraduate studies, I was introduced to the subject of computer networks, data warehouse and data mining, soft computing and cloud computing. It was fascinating to learn about the software side of networking and servers, as it brought back memories of my curiosity about the Internet which I had as a High School student. At the end of my final year, I interned at the Electronics Corporation of India Limited and worked on a project on developing an online student portal using the JAVA web application.Pursuing a research career requires a lot of hard work, perseverance, and above all, the aptitude to provide a clear path for creativity. Due to unfortunate health issues which I had suffered during my second year, I had ended up with 2 backlogs: one in digital logics and one in French.

However this untimely setback didn’t succeed in deterring me from my goal, and in the subsequent re-exam, I bounced back by scoring an A in digital logic. This experience, though unpleasant, taught me the power of my resolve and hard work to overcome the toughest of challenges. Moreover, the supportive and nurturing, yet rigorous and competitive environment which I was a part of during my undergraduate studies: the time-bound assignments, term papers and project reports with strict deadlines have taught me valuable lessons in time management and have helped me become more capable of handling high-pressure situations.Through the MS in Computer science, I hope to learn innovative techniques of research in Image processing. As I have been doing research activities consistently, I believe this to be right time for me to horn my technical skills by pursuing an MS course.

I am particularly interested in creating and enhancing various study instruments and executing internal representation of standardized operations. The opportunities for education, research and industrial outreach in the field of image processing are both comprehensive and pervasive.After successfully completing my course I would work towards securing a job role of a Software developer or an Image processing engineer. I envision myself contributing to the Machine learning and image processing domain in an original way.

For which I believe, will be realized only after I enhance my knowledge and skills through a graduate program at Department of computer Science. I plan to pursue an academic/research career in New York Institute of Technology.I was fortunate to hone my talents and develop versatile personality traits through participation in several extracurricular activities. I held the position of Vice President of Institution of Electronics and telecommunication engineers (IETE-VIT), a renowned functioning body in VIT. I organized SYNERGY, an international Symposium. Apart from this I also served as an organizer at TEDxVITVellore. Besides getting involved in these organizational roles, I associated myself with various social groups as well.

Primarily, I entangled in services which care for children. I have been a part of ‘Anokha – The Inception of Change’, a nonprofit organization in VIT which aims to reach out to the children of Vellore and teach English language and improve speaking and communication skills of the children in the orphanages. I have also been a part of ERIDE (Empowering Rural Intellect with Digit Education). Since, I have been involved with my soul and mind, I would continue to reach out to such programs in future and volunteer my services. It is a long time aspiration to pursue my graduate program at New York Institute of Technology.

The computer science department has consistently remained as an exemplar and has been ranked among the top notch research departments. The on-campus facilities combined with accessible residential locale are truly stimulating a healthy study environment. The courses offered here, such as Database Systems, software engineering, networks closely align with my interests. This will undoubtedly help me to enhance my knowledge in the relevant subjects and help me acquire a germane skill set in this regard. I also would like to study under the tutelage of erudite faculties like Dr.

Houwei Cao whose research in data mining and Sandra Kopecky have inspired me as I believe that their research will motivate me to elevate my ideas and induce my effort to achieve the target.It is with this regard that I believe that I possess the skills and aptitude required to pursue an MS at your esteemed University. Lastly this experience will definitely help me to fulfill my objectives and enable me to make material contribution to the industry at large.

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