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Chowtime Definition: a demand for space in prisons exceeds the planned capacity Statistics Costs taxpayers 3 billion dollars a year for correctional services, including policing its approve $10 million There are 35,000 persons locked up in Canadian Jails, giving Canada one of the highest incarceration rates among western industrialized countries Cost of incarcerating a Federal female prisoner (2004/5): $1 per prisoner/per year It costs $88,000 a year to keep a male in federal prisons, but only $55,000 to keep the same person in a provincial Jail The Cost of incarcerating a provincial prisoner (2004/5) $141. 8: per prisoner/per day. The cost of alternatives such as probation, bail supervision and community supervision range from $5-$25/ day. The percentage of prisoners double-bunked is 17. 4 per cent nationally in Canada. Overcrowding is the biggest problem in the Prairies, where 26 per cent of inmates are now double-bunked.

51% of those inmates sharing a single cell felt threatened by their cellmate. Impact and effects: Incarcerated Person: can cause psychological damage, when more prisoners are crammed into smaller areas.Prisoners become frustrated and angry when they do not receive their fare share of resources in their prison.

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It can cause anti-social behavior, stress, anxiety and suffer panic attacks that can lead to more violence Family: They might lose their privileges due to the acting out from the added stress and anxiety, which could mean they can’t see their family, which in turn affects their spouses and children When they are released back into society: did not receive efficient rehabilitation or drug therapy during incarceration, they will not be ready to re-enter the community and could quickly refined.Prisoners may leave angry and frustrated, which can lead to further violence or drug usage Staff: Their working lives are made much more stressful because of aggressive inmates. Prison guards are switching to become police officers because the pay is better and it is safer Legislation: Correction and Conditional Release Regulations: Physical Conditions, Section 83 (1) The service shall, to ensure a safe and healthful penitentiary environment.

.. Hat every penitentiary in inspected regularly by the persons responsible for enforcing those laws” (2) The service shall take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of every inmate and that every inmate is a) Adequately clothed and fed; b) Provided with adequate bedding; c) Provided with toilet articles and all other articles necessary for personal health and cleanliness; and d) Given the opportunity to exercise for at least one hour every day outdoors, weather permitting, or indoors where the weather does not permit exercising outdoors Organization: Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services The Ministry is committed to ensuring that Notations communities are supported and protected by law enforcement and public safety systems that are safe, secure, effective, efficient and accountable.

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