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 Prison facilities that are built to beresponsible for holding up notorious criminals have gone through an amazingamount of innovation over the centuries. And one of its advancement is a prisonfacility located at sea. There are some compelling factors by which a prisonfacility wasn’t built in land but rather at sea.  Lack of Space in land for instance;Cebu City in which growth and development in terms of economy and population isexpeditious. Every year buildings, subdivision, villages and other commercialstructures are built for its growing economy.

With this, land spaces which arenear the city are already made used of. And if ever a prison facility will bebuilt on the city it will create an unpleasant environment and will bringdiscomfort and even threat to the people living near it. While on sea, theterritorial waters of Cebu extends 12 nautical miles from the shoreline and isbig enough to accommodate any structure to build in it.

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Since these waters areowned by Cebu; which therefore owned by the government, it’s also free of costunlike buying a land that will cost so much.  Cebu is geographically a mountainousprovince, it has more mountain landforms than plains. Sincethe urban is roughly occupied, Cebu’s remaining land spaces are on these mountainousprovinces. And if ever a prison facility will be built, the contractorswill face problems on constructions because of uneven landforms, costlyequipments and its far from the city, distance also matters in case ofemergencies or prison break. While on sea, if a prison facility will be built,they will only select a geographical location near Cebu City’s coastline whichhas relatively calm or smooth waves within the sea states 2 to 4 which has waveheights from 1 to  3 meters. In this condition, comfort and accommodationfor the personnels and inmates will not be compromised.

  Food Supply and Accommodation areessential for any prison facility. The supplies must be delivered on timewithout delay or else, the inmates, detainees, employees and jail officers willnot endure. Therefore a prison facility must be located near such suppliesprobably near a city. However, at the coastline of Cebu City, it is conclusive to build a prison facility there because it’s near the city thereforesupplies and accommodation will not be delayed. Safety and Security are crucial for anyprison facility. Security must be always at its optimum to prevent prisonersfrom breaking and escaping, whilst, safety must be indispensable.

The safety ofthe prisoners, jail officers and other employees must be enforced. Safety andsecurity have been developed and innovated in many ways, one of which isisolation. Isolation is truly favorable for prison facility at sea; unlike inland, where people can freely go inside Cebu City Jail which increases risks insafety and security. 

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