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The character of Priscilla in the story “Priscilla and the Wimps” reveals numerous traits and characteristics which allow one to make assumptions about her as a person outside of the events depicted in the story. The first descriptive aspect of Priscilla as a character would be her physical appearance. We are made aware in the opening of the story that Priscilla stands as a massive individual in the school community and many students are fearful of her based solely on her physical stature.This may be confirmed on account of the fact that she only had one friend, Melvin Detweiler, and was not accepted by many of the other students who attended the school. Priscilla’s size and strength would lead me to believe that she has an athletic background, further shaping my idea her physical appearance. The first aspect of her physical appearance is her clothing, which I presume would be a stereotypical athletic style, such as track pants and a hoodie, some huge sneakers for her massive feet and a windbreaker.Her clothes may also be rather small because of her enormous size.

Another way to refer to my ideas of Priscilla’s physical appearance is through her facial features, which may consist of a simple haircut, like a ponytail and possibly some bruises or scars from playing contact sports throughout the years. Another way to classify Priscilla as a character would be through her personality and mental concepts. I envision that she would have a protector-like personality which was demonstrated through her actions towards the end of the story, when Melvin was threatened by the Kobras.This unique disposition includes aspects such as being quietly forceful, original and sensitive while being extremely intuitive about people (Melvin), and concerned for their feelings. I think that Priscilla would also be well-respected for her perseverance in doing the right thing and likely to be individualistic, rather than leading or following. My ideas for Priscilla’s background and outside life will also reveal my illustration of this particular character.

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As stated before, I picture Priscilla to be involved with sports because of her physical abilities as well as to compensate for her lack of friends.Her lack of friends may also be because she could live in an isolated area where building relationships with other children her age is not possible. Her aggressive behavior revealed in the story may be a cause of belligerent parents or possibly an older brother who has picked on her or played a significant role in her life causing some masculine qualities to be rubbed off on Priscilla. Further exploring my impression of Priscilla, it may similarly benefit my overall image to examine her motivation for specific actions, her sense of humor and habits.The motivation for her actions throughout the circumstances presented in this story could be that she has only one friend and she will do anything to maintain that friendship through protection or other means. When Melvin is harassed by the Kobras, she sees them as a threat and deals with it in an aggressive manner to assure that Melvin will continue to see her as a friend, and know that she will have his back. Another possible motivation for Priscilla’s actions may be that she does not want to be seen as weak and wishes to sustain her reputation as the toughest in the school.

When confronted by the Kobras, she sees an opportunity to prove to everyone how dangerous she is and reassures that no one will mess with her or Melvin. Priscilla’s sense of humor may also dictate who she is as a character. I consider that Priscilla has a sadist quality about her and finds that when she harms people she does not care for, she gets a sense of accomplishment and humor. This can be demonstrated by her actions at the end of the book when she locks Monk Klutter in her locker and continues to walk away with Melvin.

Priscilla’s habits also shape her character, both positively and negatively. She may have a bad habit for being overly aggressive or constantly escalating conflicts to violent acts. She correspondingly has good habits, however, which may include standing up for what is right and being a good friend. Overall, my personal image of the character Priscilla is revealed through her actions in the story of “Priscilla and the Wimps” combined with my own ideas and concepts which I believe apply to this particular character.

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