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Now, posted on the slide behind me is the Central Question of tonight’s Essen, which is “How much violence is justified in building a better society? ” You’ll want to stay focused on this question throughout the lesson. We’ll be making references, directly & indirectly, to it all throughout tonight’s lesson.

At the end of the lesson, were going to ask you to answer this question, using specific examples you learned tonight. So, it’s important to stay focused and take notes.We’d like you to help us answer this question by taking a couple of minutes to write down on paper what China was like before Mao came to power. When two minutes have expired, ask if students would each/share their answer with the class? Possible Correct Responses: 1. Last ruling dynasty, the Sing ethnically Munch, not Han (90% of population), alienated most of the people.

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2. Nationalist era, 1912-49 was a struggle to regain independence from foreign powers who dominate trade/commerce. 3. Local warlords ruled most of China. 4.Nationalist in Peking had little actual power. 5.

Mao makes name for himself in 10/34-10/35 (the Long March: K miles/ KICK reduced to K) & in ’37 when Chinese WI begins. 6. Japan’s invasion, ’37, destroys quality of the Nationalists army, paving the ay for Communists to gain a foothold.

7. After the war, the Nationalists want what they lost back. This leads to wide spread covet corruption & army troops stealing from the peasants. 8. Moreover, the Nationalist base was the gentry (landowners) class & middleman’s, not the country peasantry (the largest group).

While they made strides towards a better society, it wasn’t enough. Chinese Characters translate as “The Chinese People’s Liberation Army is the great school of Mao Sedona thought. ” Slide 3 Background: (2 minutes) Slide 4 Location: (2 minutes) Just going to quickly hit the highlights of Chinese history to bring you up to speed for the lesson. If at any time I go to fast or go off on tangent, you can always refer to the slide behind me to get the key information you need to know. So, on the Map behind me you see China’s in a pretty rough part of the global neighborhood. ) China was a leading civilization for centuries 2) 1 9th & 20th centuries, China beset by famines, civil unrest, military defeats, and foreign occupation (Does anyone know when? Lost First Opium War, 1840. Made concessions first w/ KGB, then other European powers, ASSAI, & Japan.

It only ended after Mao came to power. 3) Mao/Communist takeover in Cot 1949. From? The Nationalist/led by Aching Kaki-seek/they go Taiwan.

4) First years under Mao was greeted with relief & joy after decades of conflict. The Communist rid the streets of prostitutes, gangs & opium dens.Women granted equal status & the right to divorce (prearranged marriages were banned). 5) First Five-Year Plan, ’53-’57, modeled on Soviet’s, was successful.

6) Mao get rid of foreigners/est.. Autocratic Rule/Millions of Chinese die/when 1949 & 1976 During the period we’re talking about 1949-76, two powers hat China was not on friendly terms with had Nuclear weapons: Does anyone know which two? Key facts: They’re surrounded by how many countries (answer: currently 14), which aren’t all too friendly. They’ve had board skirmish with Russia. The most serious in March.

) USSR: (Russia falls out of favor with Mao in 1961) 2) India: (May 18, 1974) Slide 5 National Anthem: (2 minutes) Slide 6 Chinese Civil War Video: (2 minutes) It’s called the “March of the Volunteers” -? it was adopted by the Nationalist covet in 1934. Then, by the Communist in ’49, but it was replaced in ’68 during he height of the Cultural Revolution. Then, adopted again in 1978 with words, acceptable to the communists, and in ’82 the original song was readopted.

As it plays read the English subtitles, imaging how this song might rally the peasants behind the new government.Introduce video: You’re about to watch a ’49 cinema Play song That’s a pretty powerful & rousing song. Chinese nationalism, so the people would fight the Japanese invaders. ” “Its lyrics were written to arouse What do you guys think? Anything standout to you? Play video & then, Sum up video: 1) ’27 fighting began between the 2. ) They banded together to fight Japanese, sort of.

The Nationalists do the head to head fighting, while the Communists do guerilla raids. 3) Social revolution in rural China during the WI helped the communist cause. ) Peasants joined the movement because of the promise of land redistribution. 5) Increased support of the poor & decreased support of the Nationalists by the USA gave Mayo’s forces the ability to take over mainland China. 6) Taiwan & a few other islands stayed in Nationalist hands, as did the country’s gold reserves newsreel, reporting on the takeover of China by Mao forces.

Remind students we’ll be asking for concrete examples later in the lesson. To help them focus on what to look for we’ve created 3 guiding questions: What images stand out to you?

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