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When people are experiencing severe problems, whatever form it is that obliterates ones personality, they seek help from a therapist to voice out their thoughts and feelings and ask recommendations to overthrow the dilemmas. But, the trouble nowadays is that some therapist is taking advantage over their client, exploiting them to satisfy personal needs. As foreseen by the government, the 1953 APA ethical code was established as a professional policy guiding dual relationship between psychologists and to their clients.This code reproves psychologists to avoid intimate clinical relationship with clients to which “their welfare might be jeopardized by dual relationship” (Jensen, 2005). To mention some premises of dual relationship, the following have caused it;(1) Sexual relationship happens when there is role reversing together with limit confusion, effect of sexual confusion and the suppression of anger by the therapist.

To meet the therapist sexual gratification, they used their skilled ways of manipulating the mind of the patients. At all means, the series of scheduled session are diverted for their scum rather than the patients welfare.The intimidations, oppressions, and the application of force or violence will ensure the client to curb anger rather than feel it. Then during the therapy, the patient would be in silence, horrified to say something.

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And, the therapist will finally whisper,” You’re angry at me, aren’t you”(Friedman, 2000). So, the motive then follows. (2) The bartering service is also a quick method. Simple example would be in regions where there is only one specialist competent for a job. As exchange of the therapeutic session, the patient would labor his service for the therapist in an amplified agreement.Lastly, (3) the counseling exploitations are predicament that needs sudden actions. They are skillful and sensible in their behavior eluding the responsibility of their profession to change the therapy’s nature.

The counseling sittings are unconsciously noticed by clients upon their screening strategies to get the societal, financial and specialization desires. Therefore to avoid engaging in multiple relationships, solutions for ethical, authorized and practical matters are now available for psychologist’s guide. Imposing an ethnical relationship among the client and psychiatrist is so far the best method to mislead the deviating behavior.These actions consolidate three fundamental goals: (1) to avoid probable harm to the client as a possible effect of multiple relationship, (2) to avert dual relationship conciliating the valuable efforts of subservient psychologist in their therapeutic works, and (3) to push suitable officials to present helpful supervision, treatment and if probable, punish therapist who engage in multiple relationship with their patients(Guthmann, 2000).

It was suggested that before these exploitive psychiatrists settle other people’s problem, it is advisable for them to entertain first and give cure to their obstinate grieves.ReferencesFriedman, E. C. (2000). Psychotherapist and Wiccan Clergy: The Ethics of a Dual Relationship [Electronic Version]. Retrieved August 15, 2007 from http://www. draknet. com/proteus/Ellen.

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