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Well I guess each and every one of you know that this is the teaser and not the trailer of the movie. Most of you know, right? Now, a show of the hands. Who was looking forward to see the movie because of the teaser? So, did this part – potato nanaвЂ? appeared in the movie? Are you all disappointed? That – is the method of advertisement by Universal Pictures. Fun fact! The number of viewers for the teaser is 30 million – 3 times more than the number of viewers for the official trailer.It became the third most profitable film in year 2013 with a total of $720 million worldwide.

Well, most of us may agree that we equally enjoyed Despicable me. I guess it also an anonymous opinion that we all love minions more than Guru- and that is EXACTLY what Universal Pictures aims to do, to highlight the minions. Look at McDonald’s! We see the avid fans of minions queuing up relentlessly at McDonald’s for the Happy Meal – only to purchase meals for the toy, some overcharging for collection. McDonald’s even have to come up with a scheme ‘Donate a Happy Meal’ to prevent food wastage.So first, we have a teaser, then a trailer, a movie, Happy Meal, toys, T-shirts, nails, phone covers.. That.

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Ladies and gentleman, originated from one teaser. I am not trying to say that minions aren’t good. But we have to be careful and do not be easily influenced by the power of advertisements. Be careful with your expenditure and think of the consequences to the people around us and the environment even. So the main point is, THINK before you make a purchase. Think of what you can spend on alternatively.

Then again, who are we to blame? What can we do? It’s the minions. Thank you.

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