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Postmodernists have two new ways of dealing with health issues. One is called Ayurvedic Medicine and the other is called Therapeutic Touch. Ayurdic Medicine is focused on that everything in the universe is held together by a energy, and that this energy is flowing through us as well.

Any imbalance causes physical effects (sickness, death, ageing. ) Doctors of this practice use several tools to help improve this balance (stones, meditation, etc. ) Therapeutic Touch deals with the same kind of energy but in order to heal oneself they must become in touch with their inner self.Therapeutic Touch has more of a religious background. Postmodernism rejects many of the ways by which a medical therapy can be judged. They think that the findings of biochemical medicine are merely an outgrowth of a Western mentality.

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They think that alternative medicine is the product of the marginalized minority culture in the West. And they seek to replace objective, rational, experimental data a the basis for accepting the balue of a therapy with a new basis: personal experience. Much of their diagnosis comes from a stictly spiritual sense.

Life’s energys lie in a physical as well as a spiritual relm. What the therapists promote as medicin is in fact a religion. They introduce people disciplines without disclosing their religopus nature. They deal a lot with the occult. The alternative medical apologists justify their lack of credible scientific support by resorting to postmodern arguments against the possibliity of scientific fact and objectivity. They discredit the idea of unbiased , repeatable, and controlled scientific findings, so that they can resist pressure to demonstrate their own effectiveness and safety.

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