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I have completed the Mock Interview for the course. Results show strengths of interviewing skills and areas that need improvement. Results Interviewers were instructed to randomly choose questions from a question pool to ask the interviewee and rate each response on a scale from 1 to 10.

The variety of questions covered generic and typical questions that are universally asked at Job interviews. These questions were worded in ways to identify the interviewees’ skills, trenches, weaknesses, communication, and inter-personal abilities.After the questioning segment, both participants were instructed to answer post-interview questions regarding the performance of the interviewee. In the timestamp of my mock interview, I was asked 1 1 questions spanning various topics. My mean score was slightly above a 7. It is worth noting that my higher scores generally dealt with questions about past work experiences and my lower scores dealt with group work/ mea building questions.The post-interview questions that I answered put me through some very critical thinking and allowed me to do some self-reflection.

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I found that questions regarding confronting ineffective team members are somewhat outside of my comfort zone. In addition, the post-interview questions brought much awareness to my body language and verbal behavior. I generally never think about how I look when I am talking to other people. This exercise has made me become ore conscious about the way I look, the way act, and the manner in which I communicate to others.Recommendations Thinking back on the mock interview, I concentrated on my mannerisms. I can specifically remember blanking on a couple of questions, which automatically made me look up at the ceiling as a thought of the right thing to say.

I can see how the interviewer will interpret this behavior as uncertainty and lacking confidence. I understand the importance of maintaining eye contact and will be more mindful of his during future interviews.Along with eye contact, I seem to have an issue with keeping good posture.

I have been told that I slouch, especially when sitting in a chair. This type of posture looks weak and unprofessional. My interviewer’s feedback indicated that I show a lack of confidence when facing questions that I am unable to answer within a short time frame. This serves to tell me that I need more practice so that I will be prepared in the future to take questions full on.

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