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Population Control: A Natural Method Population Control: A Natural MethodI believe that education should be the number one focus, when it comes to population control. Limiting the number of children a woman can have or allowing widespread emigration should not be considered a form of population control. It is better to educate people about abstinence during the most fertile part of a womans cycle (rhythm method), oral contraception, and the use of condoms, as a means of preventing further population growth. Educating families about the effects multiple children can have on income and house product usage is another good idea.I do not think that placing limitations on how many children a woman can have will significantly help the growing population problem. In many countries, women are uneducated about overpopulation and pregnancy issues and men tend to like it that way.

If some women do not even understand how a baby is made, how can they be told not to get pregnant Studies show that in mostly illiterate areas, women have an average of 6.1 children. When the female literacy rate reaches 40% the birth rate drops to 4.2 children, and at 80% literacy birth rates drop control, population, method, birth, children, rate, rhythm, people, believe, woman, pills, emigration, contraceptive, condoms, about, women, families, widespread, problem, growth, form, child, best, another, think, pregnancy, one, might, limitation, inexpensive, failure, decrease, cutler, countries, using

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