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This stakeholder has influenced Virgin in the past by Virgin actually moving to another country to avoid tax. This is known as a ax haven to big companies to avoid tax. Virgin set their aims with the government in mind by avoiding tax so it wont cut into their profits heavily.

They can then use that money they saved to go back into the business and for growth. I found this info on http:// transliterations. Org/virgin-enterprise-off-to-Geneva-to-s hire-tax / I know this source is reliable because of how professional the website is set out. This source gives a true representation by the fact their making these claims and accusations against Virgin.

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So for such a big accusation this resource would not risk lying because they could get sued Customers ; Customers have a massive influence over virgin because they control their profit margins they control the decisions Virgin make to a certain extent involving new products and improvement to products and services.Customers have had a influence over Virgin in the past by enough customers coming and giving their business to Virgin. Virgin was then able to expand to it all started with customers buying products and services giving Virgin the opportunity to expand into the business it is today. Virgin sets its business aims and purposes with customers in mind all the time because customers are the foundation of the business so they need to know what will please their customers. Http:// www.

Virgin. Mom/time-machine/sass How the source gives a true representation Of ; This source gives a true representation of the stakeholder because it’s Virgin’s official website so its reliable and valid Rival companies ; Rival companies have a large influence on Virgin because they are the competitors of Virgin so this means there is a constant war on price, products, remissions and quality of services. Virgin sets Its business aims and objectives with rival companies in mind because their products and services must be better in terms of quality and value.For example rival companies influenced Virgin by running them out of business in the USA by Virgin not getting enough customers because the rival companies increased promotion and advertisement. This information was from HTTPS://marquisette’s. Wordless. Com/2011102/20/virgin n-cola/ this source is valid and reliable because it looks professional and also it is a journalist Bessie so they stand at a neutral place therefore they do not have reason to stakeholders influence because it does not have a reason to lie the source informs us of what happened to Virgin Cola.

I also know this first hand because it is difficult to find the product it used to be stocked in the supermarkets but is no longer stocked due to rival companies. Employees ; Employees have a major influence on Virgin because they are the ones on the front line they can influence Virgins profits by doing good at work at increasing sales. However employees have influenced Virgin in the past by heartening to go on strike over uniforms that they deemed skimpy.

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