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As political parties began to emerge, the founding father’s initial theory of democracy began to be tainted by the very coalitions and factions they tried to prevent. It becomes almost painstakingly clear that the two party cyst me has undermined the Constitution, and furthered our country from the democracy that our far mere created.Even before our country was created, the framers of the Constitution were eve rye adamant n their distrust of political parties, and the negative effects that they can have on our country. Thomas Jefferson said it best when he stated that, ‘ a democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifteen percent of the people may take away the rights of the other of retying. ” We see this happening in our modern government very consistently.Where one party controls the House of Representatives or the Senate, and only passes legislation that that party w ants.

This undermines the basis on democracy, in where the all the people should have the power, but in reality, only a small fraction of the people end up having the power over the r SST of the country. James Madison also addresses the question on how to defend against “factions”, or groups of citizens, with interests contrary to the rights of others or the interests of the w hole community, in his Federalist Paper 10.Madison writes in the paper that “Faction is human an true. The most durable cause of faction is unequal property distribution. Regulating conflicting g interests involves partisanship and faction” and later in the paper “People look to govern moment for the protection of property and to regulate the competing interests concerning pr property. The Federalist Paper 10 further demonstrate the knowledge that, factions are all says going to exist, and unfortunately they are unavoidable.However, political parties cause an u unequal distribution of power.

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People in the United States have always looked to the government f or protection, however, when these political parties were formed, it’s almost as fifth two pa arty system created an act of tyranny in a way as the political parties looked after their own intern SST before the public good.As support to the argument that James Madison had in The Feed realist Papers 10, he entities with, “The smaller the society, the fewer probably will be the distinct t parties and interests composing it; the fewer the distinct parties and interests, the more f recently will a majority be found of the same party; and the smaller the number of individual Is composing a majority, and the smaller the compass within which they are placed, the more easily will they concert and execute their plans of oppression.Extend the sphere, and you TA eke in a greater variety of parties and interests; you make it less probable that a majority of the e whole will have a common motive to invade the rights of other citizens;” James Madison is ultimo tell warning that if parties are allowed to grow to a certain point, tyranny will follow very close y. Even before democracy was created. Madison shows us that parties are an obvious step in the opposite direction.Thereby, Madison Federalist paper 10 helps to convey his theory t hat political parties do not help, but harm democracy by creating tyranny of one faction of the country overpowering another faction of our country. George Washington’s farewell address was one Of the first public oppositions to the ideas of political parties.

Prior to George Washington becoming President , there was no such thing as a political party. However, political parties began to emerge during W sanitation’s term in office, these being the Federalists and Industrialists.President George Wa SSH ingot’s disapproval of political parties became clear as he warned the American peep lee against forming parties, because they have “mobile tendencies” and “are only a conflagration , not a national force for good. ” As demonstrated by Washington, political parties essentially c cause unneeded violence and disagreements, which holds a powerful but negative impact on our society. He also warned against political parties by saying that they are, “a fire not to be q inched.

In other words, George Washington believed that the creation of political parties would d lead to factions of individuals. Washington’s argument becomes valid, because with political p arties, they have more foreign influences causing corruption. Evidently, corruption only results in a downfall to the nation in which the founding fathers of the United States of America want De the exact opposite. Therefore, George Washington viewed political parties as corrupt a ND malicious, because they divides the country in half, instead of bringing the people together retro create a perfect union.

To really understand the effect that political parties have had on democracy, you must first look at what the word democracy actually means. The word democracy c moms from two Latin words: demos, which means people, and keratin, which means to rule. S o the word democracy means the people rule the government. Yet, in the history of the A American presidential election, political parties have won 55 out of the 57 presidential el sections. The only elections that were won by an independent citizen was the very first president , George Washington.

This proves that political parties dominate the American political landscape for the sat 218 years of American history. If our government was a true democracy, there would have been countless more presidential winners that were independent, instead of every winner being from either the Democratic, or Republican, and in some rare cases Whig, or F editorialist. Political parties continue to show their dominance over the people in Congress as well . As of now, there are 2 out of 435 House members that are independent, and in the Senate, the re are no independent members.These statistics continue to prove that because of polio tactical parties, an average, everyday citizen has no chance in our government. Thereby, because of this fact, political parties do taint the founding fathers idea of democracy as they control 01 the government all for themselves, and their power does not allow regular citizens from attain ins high powered governmental positions. Both these modern and historical examples help to prove that political parties have directed our country far from the democracy that our founding fathers fought to create.

It is quite apparent, through both the Federalists Paper 10 and George Washington’s far Lowell address, that the founding fathers actually despised political parties, and actually tried with al of their might to keep them out oftener new country. Considering how there has only been one independent president in our country’s history, and the fact that there is currently only 2 in dependent members in Congress, compared to the 533 that are a part of a political party.It comes to fruition that the founding fathers were correct about their wariness of political parties because political parties have in fact both distanced the government further from the average citizen, and they have divided our government apart; but are we not supposed to be the UNITE D States of America? Subsequently, if political parties were to actually help democracy, the eye would allow more citizens to obtain government positions, but obviously they do not, and their domination of our government easily proves that they do not allow the people to rule.

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