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Police The police’s role in the Manchester bombing was to clear the building of any more bombs or potential terror suspects so that other emergency crews could get in the building and help any people, the polices role was also to cordon off roads so that other the fire service and ambulance service could come in but had to clear the arena first before allowing the services in to do their job, whilst also keep civilians back away from harm. The police had to collaborate with other services to carry out effective and efficient work to keep everyone safe (Richard Hartley-Parkinson, 2017).   Fire service The fire-fighters were told not to go in and start helping the injured people get to safety and to get treated, they weren’t allowed to enter the arena for 90 minutes after the attack which left many fire-fighters ashamed that they were unable to do their job, by the time they got in all the people had been treated or got out which rendered the fire service as useless (Baker, K, 2017).  Ambulance  The ambulance service was the most important emergency service on the ground by far as they had to help over 60 people who were injured in the blast, they treated over 60 walking people and took 59 of them to a hospital for further treatment they were also there to calm down people in and out of the building but sadly 22 people were killed (Roberts, R, Osbourne, S, 2017). Non-statutory  Red Cross The Red Cross have been helping those affected by the bombing by providing a level of expertise that other services can’t provide for example they have been providing emotional and practical support the next day by starting an emergency fund for those affected, the red cross also sent ambulances to hospitals so that people could get home safely and free up beds needed for others (British Red cross, 2017). Salvation Army The Salvation Army helped at the Manchester bombing by offering a safe place to have a drink and some food to the public services and victims this was important to keep the public services going so they could have the energy to help victims (Emily, 2017). The Samaritans The Samaritans helped by proving a phone line for people to call if they were distressed and needed emotional support (Samaritans, 2017). 

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