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QUESTIONS 1 . Write an essay on the topic of your interest and effectively integrate at least ten (10) external sources [through paraphrasing, summarizing or quoting] into your work . Prepare a referenced list of the sources acknowledged in your essay.

Your essay should be between 400 to 600 words. 2a. What is plagiarism? b. State at least five causes of plagiarism and suggest ways of solving them 4. With practical examples, differentiate between the documentation styles of the AmericanPsychological Association (APA) and Modern Language Association (MLA). 5.

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Write a referenced list in the APA or MLA style using the information provided below: a. A book with the title an international encyclopedia of curriculum was written by Lewy Armstrong in 1991 the book was published in New York by Pegamon Press b. Five people in a company called centre for contemporary cultural studies wrote a book entitled Making histories: studies in history writing and politics in 1982. The book was published in London by Hutchinson c.

Martin Williams wrote the book the Jazz tradition the forward was written by Richard Crawford. The book was published by Oxford university press and it was published in 1993. ANSWERS 4 a When writing using the MLA style, the authors first name is written in full but when using the APA style, the surname is written while the first name is represented with an initial. For example, MLA; Acquah.

Bennett. Skills to Effective Learning. Accra: Heaven Street Publications, 2015. APA; Acquah B. (2015). Skills to Effective Learning.Accra: Heaven Street Publications.

The above example also shows that the APA style has the year of publication written after the authors name (in parentheses) whereas the MLA style has the year of publication written after the publisher (without parentheses). 5. In MLA style; (a) Lewi, Armstrong. The International Encyclopedia of curriculum. New York: Pergamon Press, 1991. (b).

Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies. Making Histories: Studies in History Writing and Politics. London: Hutchinson, 1982 (c). niversity Press.

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