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Plagiarism is very common in the world which is
basically a crime that can put the career of anybody on stake or destroyed it
completely. It is mostly adopted at the higher dignitary levels, especially in
Pakistan. Most of the MSC, Mphil and PhD students have not earned their degrees
by their own efforts rather by fake information and data that is basically
stolen. plagiarism considers as a biggest crime and also highlights that in Pakistan
there is no check and balance for this crime. Plagiarism can be defined as an
Academic offence which means to present someone’s intellectual property and
their work without any reference as your own intellectual property.

There are guidelines for plagiarism. Internationally
these guidelines are followed, but in Pakistan no such guidelines have ever
followed and one of the reasons was
the unavailability of the software of plagiarism index, similarity index and
repository which results in no check and balance of past intellectual records.
We have come so far and living in a world of technologies but still there is no
software available to track Urdu material neither we have any repository for
Urdu material. However, we do have repository available to access English
written material.

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Plagiarism can take many forms. Students copy their
assignments and rephrase a reports and so much of a material rather than
copying the actual words used. Students should not waste their time and
thinking ability in copy pasting even students made their thesis by
professional writer and they paid for that. Even somehow it is injustice to
some students who read several books and sit in front of their computers whole
night to complete their assignments while others student already decided to
download the answer from the internet. One makes and represents their efforts
and other one has not much effort.

one of the major aspect of plagiarism that  people don’t talk much about that researchers
hire other writer to get their thesis done and they pay a good amount to that
person. At the end person who is writing someone else’s thesis sell out his/her
work for a good amount which is quite shameful and I called this act as
research prostitute. Person who hire the other writer for thesis writing get
the benefit in form of degree even though the degree awarded to him is not the
fruit of his own hard work. 

There are many reasons students plagiarise. Probably
students don’t have much time because they have many assignments at the end of
semester and they have to submit their assignments on due dates and they want
to save their time thus tend to copy their assignment.
From the kindergarten student to a PhD student everyone knows the shortcuts and
how to plagiarise. Plagiarism has its roots very deep which has become a
culture. Even there are several websites available that charge you money and in
return provides you ample amount of intellectual material like essays, thesis,
articles, research papers etc. with the help of these website students can get
their desired material without investing any effort and hard work. These
website are acts as barrier to students thought, creativity and writing ability.
At professional level I don’t think people plagiarise their content because
they don’t have much courage for that. People tend to Plagiarise who really
knows that they will get away with it.

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