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The dependent variable in this experiment was how the Terrestrial Sopped reacted to the change in temperature around them; more so, which side of the choice chamber they grouped in, if it happened at all. To make sure that it was the temperature of their surroundings that affected the Terrestrial Sopped we kept many things constant. For example, the type of bug, the amount of bugs on each side of the choice chamber at the beginning of the experiment, the amount of paper towel at the bottom, and also how moist the paper towel was.

The control group in this experiment was the observations we made before the experiment, also there was another group in lab that was doing the same experiment so we consulted with them and shared data on the effects of temperature change in the Sopped environment. “When exposed to different temperatures (cool and warm) the pill bugs will choose the cool side of the choice chamber because it is similar to their natural habitat under rocks, wood, etc. ”

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