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Start with a egg mass and measure the extension of spring by ruler then release the spring slowly in order o not to damage the spring. The spring will oscillate due to the acceleration, by using a stopwatch record the time taken for twenty complete oscillations. Then repeat this whole process with time same size of mass, you have to do two trials to narrow the uncertainty. Then add 100 g masses one by one to the mass hanger and record the extension of the spring and the time taken for that size of mass to complete twenty oscillations.

You will be given an unknown mass and also record the time taken of that mass to oscillate twenty times. After you gather he data needed, you will sketch a TO versus extension graph. VARIABLES: Dependent Independent Controlled Period Extension Making sure that spring oscillates vertically only because simple harmonic motion takes place when the acceleration of object is always directed towards its displacement from a fixed point. DIAGRAM: CONCLUSION: Simple harmonic motion is defined as the motion takes place when the acceleration, a, of object is always directed, towards, and proportional to, its point.

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Overall, the purpose of this experiment was to find the acceleration due o the gravity using a coil spring. The acceleration is equal to g since there is not any external force besides gravity acting on the spring. Differences existed in the experimental graph of the g from the actual g. These differences can be accounted as a random error also I could not press the timer at the exact time but it would not affect the accuracy of the experiment. The percentage error is 11%. The real value of g is measured as 9. 8234 ms-2, as it is given on lab report instruction sheet. The experimental value of the g is calculated as 10. 6 ms-2 В± 0. 5 ms-uncertainty. EVALUATION: The uncertainty of the extension is *0. 1 CM this might had an impact on the extension measured however this would not create a significant impact on the value. The В±1% accuracy of the masses might also had an impact on the calculation since the length of extension is proportional to masses and extension is caused by masses it might cause a calculation error. In the experiment a stopwatch is used to calculate the period of 20 complete oscillations however the reflex of a person pressing the stop button can differ so this creates a random error.

The uncertainty is В± 0,35 ms-2, this means that there are no systematic errors. IMPROVING THE INVESTIGATION: Since the precision and accuracy are related with random and systematic errors, minimizing these errors would make the experiment more accurate and precise. To reduce the random errors or to minimize them, the number of trials can be increased so the observer’s possibility of making a mistake would be minimized. To reduce the systematic errors adequate instruments should be used so misreading would not occur.

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