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Swatter = cap waters matter x TOT water Swatter= Squabs cap brass = Squabs mambas AT brass -?5892 cap brass= 4. The accepted value for the specific heat capacity of brass is 3. Box Oft/(kick), Determine the percentage error for the calculation using the percentage error equation. Alee -?measured value/accepted value SKI 5. Use the equations Q = Mac T and Quarreled + Sobered=0 to calculate the specific heat capacity of the unknown metal, Swatter cap water* matter x AT water Swatter=Q unknown metal Cap unknown metal=Q unknown metal,’m unknown cat unknown metal cap unknown metal: =3. x10ft2J/egg VII.

Analyze and Evaluate (a) Consider the percentage difference obtained in Part A. What might have caused this percentage difference? The equipment we were using might may caused this percentage difference, because thermometer might not be accurate hen we look at by our eyes, we can ignore this error by using calorimeter. (b) Consider the percentage error obtained in Part 8. What may be responsible for the difference in the values between Part A and Part B?The temperature of water might cause the difference in the values between Part A and Part B, because we need Q water in both Part A and Part 8, It the temperature of water is different, then the result will also be different. (c) This investigation would be valuable to a scientist to determine the other unknown metals, because we already determine the specific heat capacity of eater, when we put the unknown metal in water, eve assume that the energy absorbed by the water is equal to the energy lost by the unknown metal.And then we can easily calculate the specific heat capacity of any metals, (d) Substances with high specific heat capacities take a lot of heat energy and therefore a long time to heat up and also a long time to cool down. The specific heat capacity Of water is to a substance With low specific capacities tale less of heat energy and less time to heat up and also less time to cool down.

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Lead only has 126(keg/k) specific heat capacity.

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