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The common people of the nation will be discriminated against at the slightest hint of difference from what is considered standard by society. Middle aged, white males are generally accepted as the dominant culture in America. It has been this way since a group of men fitting this description exerted their wealth and power and drafted the American Constitution. People of other cultures, women, youth, seniors, the mentally handicapped, and even those considered as unattractive bear the brunt of the cynicism and inequality that discrimination represents.To be discriminated against and devalued due to something that cannot be controlled, for instance, race, class, or gender can be exhausting on the human psyche in terms of stress and depression and facilitate the development of physical and mental disorders. (Harley, Jolivette, McCormick, 2002, Retrieved from: http://books.

google. com/books? id=NcB_XwDJ9aMC) Physical disorders can result not only from psychological stress, but the activities that people under stress tend to partake in to relieve such anxieties.Excessive smoking, drinking, drugs, and overeating are characteristics that can be developed out of anger, bitterness, and depression.

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Excessive stress and the input of toxic substances to your body lead to a host of other diseases which include heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, ulcers, headaches, and muscular tension. A form of psychobiology, otherwise known as ergasiology, states that mental disorders are a result of biological, psychological, and social factors.Adolf Meyer, a former president of the American Psychiatric Association that kept life and case histories of all his patients, concluded that psychiatric disorders were symptoms that arose in the context of life stressors, rather then just a malfunction of the brain. The social and environmental background of a person shapes the way their individual brain processes, and deficient responses can be the result of traumatic experiences in either of those aspects of life.(Mazure, 1995, p. 11-13) Citizens of discriminatory factions of society are generally more apt to feel the injustice in the fact that not all men are actually created equal in everyone’s eyes. Race, class, and gender are mountainous hurdles to overcome, and the oppressed may be paying a more significant price in life then merely a case of hurt feelings.

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