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Philosophy Of Life

In the beginning of the course we talked about life, to be more exact the meaning of human life, What do we want in life, What is man etc?. I find the meaning of life is a combination of things such as having morals, respect for yourself and others, and character.
Philosophy of Life is often defined as the study of a system of beliefs and the justification for those beliefs. A philosophy of life usually discusses the and why of life. What is life, what are the elements of life Why are we here, why do things happen the way they do What should I do now What should I do next These are essential questions urging essential answers that determine a persons success and happiness in life. In my opinion to gain happiness and success it starts with having a foundation. This foundation is gradually built during the person?s growth as an individual and consists of attributes and morals that define the person?s character. If the person has a good character than he can succeed in life and attain happiness as well, but if the person doesn?t have a good character or is lacking in morals then yes

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