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Next we added five drops of red cabbage using a clean pipette to each test tube, covered it Paraffin, and mixed the test tube. We recorded the color of each. Next we added ten drops of the different types of drinking water using a clean pipette, one type of water in each tube. We then added five drops of the red cabbage indicator to each test tube using a clean pipette, covered it with Paraffin, and mixed the test tube. Since we had the set of standards we were able to compare the colors of the drinking water with the different pH levels, to make an educated guess n what each drinking water’s pH was.

After we had the red cabbage indicator experiment done, we tested the actual pH level of each type of drinking water. We poured 20 ml of each type of drinking water into clean beakers. We made sure the pH tester was on and the electrode was placed in clean water. We then moved the electrode in one of the beakers of water we wanted to test. We measured the pH level, recorded it, then placed it back into the clean water it was originally in. We repeated these steps for each of the different type of drinking water. The control treatment in our experiment was thru red cabbage indicator. The dependent variable is the pH of the water.

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The independent variable is the different types of drinking water ( tap water, spring water, seltzer water, and flavored water). The standard variables in the experiment are the clean test tubes, the clean pipettes, the Paraffin, the pH tester, and the pH levels pH 2, pH 4, PH 6, PH 7, PH 8, PH 10, and PH 12. Results Table 1 shows the standard of the standard of the experiment. It is used to compare the color of the red cabbage experiment to form an educated guess on the pH level of the different types of water. Table 2 shows the pH numbers we to from the red cabbage experiment and from the pH tester.

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