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Take 6 indicators that are all different colors. 2. Take the 4 unknowns numbered 14 3. Take a watch tray and wash it down before using it. 4. Put the indicator that is numbered line 6 slots on the watch tray. (Only put in one drop) 5. Take each in dictator and put it in 1 slot each, each slot should have a different indicator color, Again only one drop) 6. Record results and observations down on a table.

Observe if it changed color, if it changed from one color to another. Record the pH number average and vat color it is. 7. Wash down the watch tray again so you do not mix chemicals, or else your data will be inaccurate. 8. Repeat Steps 47 for the last 3 unknowns. Results After the LAB i had various different results for each indicator reaction to the u unknowns. All together i had 24 results, 6 results for each unknown. A couple Of the indicators reacted to the unknown differently than the others. They started o change one color, then a bit later it would change to a different color.

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The in dictators that did that were Methyl yellow to unknown 1 and 4, Methyl blue to u known 2, Met red to unknown 1 and 4, Phew red to unknown 2 and 3, and none for BRB blue. Test 1 BRB Blue Test 2 Phew Red Test 3 Met Red Test 4 Methyl Blue Test 5 Orange Test 6 Yellow Unwoven (3. 6) No change (6. 4) (5. 0) Turns pink Green blue (7. 1) Red orange Yellow (3. 5) (3. 2) No change Turns red Unknown Dark Blue (4. 3) Violet (7. 6) Turns clear Clear (6. 2) Dark blue (6. 8) Turns sky blue Light yellow (4. 0) (43) (8. 0) Turns red (4. 4) Purple (4. 6) (64) (5. 2) Medium

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