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Persuasive Speech – Outline The Greatest Story Ever Denied – Buffo’s Introduction morning ladies and gentlemen. My name is Alexandra Toreros. Has anybody heard of flying saucers or missing time? Ill. Today I will be speaking about a topic I find very interesting. By a show of hands who here believes in Aliens? Who does not? Who doesn’t know if to believe or not? IV. I believe this is a captivating subject because it is a controversy topic that has been going on for many years and will continue. V. This is important to me as well as I believe it should be important to you, because e should all know the truth behind this is.

VI. My information comes from different documentaries and interviews in different websites such as the history channel foot and youth. VI’. In the next few minutes I will specifically inform you about its history, alien abductions, sighting, and how they have been described. Body In the past 30 years, thousands of reports of alien abduction cry out for explanation. A. Americans have told similar stories. They’ve described it as, strange lights, sense of missing time, sexual contact, taken to other world, and immobilizers. B. Sometimes the victims remember their abduction in full detail, others only under hypnosis.

The abductions can last to Just an instance or several hours. Aliens have been known to leave marks on the humans that they have abducted. Even though there were reports about Buffo’s during the early sass’s and sass’s, they were simply nothing to worry about. A. After the attack of Pearl Harbor, it became clear that our military were needed to control who or what flew into our air space. Radar was the newest technology for detecting anything in our skies that wasn’t our own aircraft. B. What would happen if the public found out these things were real and there was nothing we can do to stop them?

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The only solution included any denial that lasted for over 60 years. Ill I newer NAS Eden allegation Tanat ten government nave none Ana about Buffo’s. It has been a subject of much speculation. Inhale International A. The U. S. Air Force’s “Project Blue Book” was an official investigation into these “flying saucers” from late sass’s to late sass’s. B. During this time, this investigation examined over 12,000 OF sightings. Many can be explained, however, some had no definite, physical reason for occurring. C. That was to become the greatest story ever denied.

Conclusion Regardless of your personal beliefs on the likelihood of extraterrestrial life, Buffo’s, Unidentified Flying Objects, are Just that: unidentified and flying, not necessarily extraterrestrial. I enlightened you about these unknown, strange, exotic beings. Going back from long ago, alien abductions and sightings. Ill. In life, the better informed we are about our surroundings, the better our overall decision making process is. It is clear that people believe what they want to believe. You have to decide for yourself. ‘V. Thank you for your attention.

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