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In recent years, the world has watched rapidly growing concerns develop over the manner in which we consume our planets natural resources. A sudden state of urgency has been placed on our need to make drastic revisions to the ways in which we exhaust natural resources. While the corrective measure taken thus far have certainly helped shift American society in the right direction in terms of natural resource conservation, it has done so at the expense of another highly sought resource; the Nation’s financial resources.

Individual states must find a way of implementing adequate conservation initiatives that do not threaten the state’s economic climate or drain their budgetary resources. Unsurprisingly, this issue continues to create friction between all parties effected including state lawmakers and regulators, corporations throughout the natural resource and energy industries, environmentalist groups, and the tax payer. On one end, there is a real demand for state compliance in contributing to the shift towards employing renewable resource tactics.

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On the other end, there is a real demand for Gilligan fiscal maneuvering on a state to state basis and environmental conservation, though important, can be an extremely expensive issue to address. In the Tampa Tribune article “Deck Stacked against renewable energy In Florida, environmentalists say”‘, writer Josh Bodyweight addresses the hesitancy demonstrated by the state of Florida as they attempt to navigate the issue of renewable resources. Florida is the one of the few states in the nation that has no conservation policies regarding energy consumption from fossil fuels for domestic and industrial use.

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