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“Medicinal discover, it moves in mighty leaps, it leapt straight past the common cold, and give it us for keeps. ” -Pam Ayers Since I was a little girl, I always have had a fascination in the dental field. I was one of those rare people, who throughout my life always enjoyed going to the dentist. I was enrolled in Palomar Dental School and was scheduled to start the dental assisting program, but God had another plan. It was later that year that I finally conceived, after trying for 13 years.

Because I wanted to stay home and raise my son, I could not attend school on a full-time basis.I feltl that completing my degree in the health care management field, I will be able to get my foot in the door and someday work in a dental office. I would also love to work in the pediatric field. Whether it be in the dental field of pediatrics, or in a hospital, I think working with children would be a very rewarding job.

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As a mother of two, I can relate to the anxiety of parents taking their children in for dental work, or healthcare, and I think it would be nice to put the parents and children at ease with my concern.According to, a study conducted by Georgetown University Center on Education and workforce, the Healthcare field is growing at an enormous rate. They have projected that the Healthcare industry will create 5. 6 million more jobs by 2020 (Huffington Post, 2013). Because it is an ever-changing and growing field, I think it will be an interesting occupation. Learning about the history of healthcare is new to me as a student. I have never studied the field, so this is very interesting to me.I found it interesting to read about the “invention” of Blue Cross and Blue Shield insurances, also called “The Blues.

” It is hard to fathom living in a time like the 1920s, where modern medicine was just becoming available to those who could afford it. We live in a time now that we are able to practically diagnose our own problems on the Internet, and get an understanding of diseases. Then, a person had to rely on doctors and hospitals, when at that time were few and far between. Not everyone had the opportunity to see a doctor and get the proper care.The Great Depression was responsible for many Americans not able to afford health care, and this resulting in the hospitals offering their own insurance programs.

I can imagine that the cost of this care was not affordable to many. Today, one in four Americans have some type of healthcare (Goodman, 2008). We still see a struggle in the availability to everyone to receive adequate health insurance, and I believe this problem will persist for years to come. I think that education will be the key to bringing down the cost of healthcare.As Americans, we need to educate our children on ways to eat healthy and exercise. By teaching these things at an early age, I think that it will have lasting effects later in adult years, and make the country as a whole healthier, and extend the life expectancy rates.

We have become so lazy and living very busy lives, we have developed poor health choices. Clean eating and exercise is the answer to so many of the chronic disease we see today. I think that Southern California is generally more educated on the effects of clean healthy eating. We have many farmers markets where you can buy organic local produce.The negative to buying organic local produce is that it is sometimes more expensive. I am looking forward to learning more about the history of the health care industry.

We are so lucky to be studying this at a time of such technological advances. There are endless possibilities for this field, and the growth will be astounding. References Goodman, J. C. (2013). Health Insurance: The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics.

Retrieved from http://econlib. org Huffington Post. (2013). Healthcare will Create 5.

6 million more Jobs. Retrieved from http://huffingtonpost. com

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