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Strength & Weaknesses My first strength would be that I am a very extroverted person. The definition from the Merriam-Webster dictionary is: “ one whose personality is characterized by extroversion; broadly: a gregarious and unreserved person.

” What this strength brings me during conversation is that I am not shy to speak my mind and be opinionated. By example, I had to go to my cousin’s birthday that was in a fancy restaurant with all her friends that I never met and that are to my opinion very different from me! But, I introduced myself to the people sitting next to me and we started talking and joking around.By the end of the supper, I got ten new friends on Facebook and had an amazing night with complete strangers! I believe that the fact that I am extroverted brings me the strength to be able to mix well in any social situation. My second strength would be that I am trustworthy. In the Merriam-Webster dictionary the definition of trustworthy is: “worthy of confidence: dependable. ” When communicating this strength helps me get and keep the trust of others because they know that in any situation they can depend on me to help.By example, at work, when someone has to take a day off or calls sick I am always the first they ask to replace, because they know I never refuse even last minute. Also, I never ask for vacation or days off, therefore I am the resource person that my colleagues can lean on when they have questions or problems, because I am always there to answer and help.

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My first weakness would be that I am stubborn. The definition from the Merriam-Webster dictionary is:” a person performing or carrying on in an unyielding, obstinate, or persistent manner. When communicating this weakness shows that I have difficulty listening to other people ideas. By example, at work or with my friends, when it comes to deciding either between colors for walls at my restaurant or choosing a movie to go see, I become very stubborn about what I think and it is very difficult to make me change my mind. Also, very often I forget to listen to others opinion, because I believe mind is right and is the best and like the expression, I don’t see gray, only black or white.Therefore, it can develop some conflicts, which in the majority of times I am wrong by thinking individuality and not collectivity. My second weakness would be that I am arrogant.

In the Merriam-Webster the definition of arrogant is:” showing an offensive attitude of superiority: proceeding from or characterized by arrogance. ” In a conversation, I can sometimes mix up being extroverted and loud with arrogance. Therefore, I can project being very self-absorb and superior instead of being sure of myself and confident.

By example, in a group project I had my first semester about entrepreneurship, I felt very confident, because in real life I am a good entrepreneur. So, I had the idea that was to create an imaginary bar/restaurant and all the steps we would follow to reach our goal. But, instead of being a good leader, I tried to pass my ideas by using arrogance, therefore got into several conflicts with my teammates.

Therefore, I should learn how to lead by being more of an active listener. Finally, during this very short class, I believe more of my strengths were shown then my weaknesses.Why? Because, like in a new and fresh relationship, the first impression is crucial therefore we want to show to others our best side. Then, it is exactly what I did. I showed my enthusiast and extroverted side, but also my trustworthy strength when we were managing the group presentation.

Also, what I learned during the group activities is that everyone’s opinion is important, because we all have different backgrounds that bring us to be who we are and are crucial to be listened to, for each and one of us to grow and learn from it.

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