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My interest in biology has been profound ever
since the third grade. I have always been fascinated by living organisms,
particularly microorganisms such as bacteria and yeast. I am intrigued by the
fact that such organisms, which are so tiny, they can’t be seen under the naked eye, also thrive in
the world. More than that, it is surprising to see that such organisms can be
of so much use to the world. After all, it is these microbes which are used as
experimental subjects in research laboratories.

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To expand my knowledge and to get a clearer
idea about what I want to pursue, I would take part in online courses. One of
them was on Astrobiology and the search for extraterrestrial life, a subject
that has its base in microbiology. As I went on with the course, I realized
that I do have a knack of it. After the course, I did a lot of research,
reading astrobiology journals from NASA and Wikipedia articles on different
microbes. I also watched videos on the life of a microbiologist. Through this, I
discovered that I truly enjoy microbiology.

I see microbiology as a stepping stone towards
astrobiology. The subject of Astrobiology is lesser known yet highly emerging.
With scientists finding out ways to make different planets habitable, making
humans interplanetary species, and with people in general desperate to find any
trace of life in outer space, we can infer that the demand for this stream is
only going to increase.  Microbiology, my
second career option is highly related, and the demand for this career is
undoubtedly unlikely to ever decrease as well. Every year, millions of people
die of diseases such as HIV/AIDS and cancer, and new, fatal pathogens such as
Ebola and Zika are being discovered. Microbiologists are required to diagnose
and find appropriate medications for these. For the same reason, there is a
high demand for microbiologists in the global market, making it a sustainable
career option for the future. More than the demand for this job, I have always
dreamed of doing a job that would benefit the world for many years to come. Through
my research, I can undoubtedly say that microbiology and astrobiology are
careers that have a lot of benefit to the world.

I believe I do have all the qualities to become
a microbiologist. I tend to always have a positive approach towards thoughts
and ideas and enjoy experimenting in the lab for long hours. Sports has been an
integral part of my life, and it is this that has taught me the core values of
collaboration, discipline and taking leadership. I have taken part in several
MUNs as well, which has helped me broaden my spectrum of global knowledge and
has improved my communication skills.

I am a hardworking, self-motivated and highly
focused student ready to tackle on the challenges of a university head on. I
well understand the long hours I will have to put into this course, but my
research and participation in online courses has only strengthened my
willingness to become a microbiologist. 

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