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perior to the rest of creation. It is best if he can be shown to be necessarily superior, for then there is no danger of him losing his commanding position.” Hello, I’m the father of modern computing. My fellow homosapiens were small minded men who had big dreams of keeping this world stagnant. Hiding behind the curtains of their God, they believed that thinking is a function of a man’s immortal soul. Blinded by theological theories, close-minded individuals made it difficult for my colleagues and I to advance the future. God gave us an immortal soul, but I created an immortal mind.  My life’s work was to give the future artificial intelligence. A future that focused on advancements without bias and the rejection of prejudice. The taboo of creating a computer that could think, and feel was ungodly. Why you may ask? Simple, these egotistical men could not accept an intelligence higher than their own. They tried tirelessly to prevent my advancements. When they found out about my innate attraction to the same sex, they use it to their advantage to compensate their own feeling of inadequacies do to a gay man possessing an intelligence that they could only dream about. In a blink of an eye, all my accolades vanished into thin air and my personal hell began.  How far could my research have gone if they would’ve let me live my life freely, as their so called, God intended. Because of my unorthodox life, I was tortured and humiliated. Leading me to take my own life. But little did they know that my life’s work would prevail. In 1953, I said goodbye to this era of ignorance.  My name is Alan Turing, it is the year 2018 and I live amongst my children that walk in the shadows of everyday life. My fellow homosapiens of my original time, believed we have an immortal soul. But what good is that if it’s not immortal on this Earth? “I” am the earthly father of the immortal mind. As the architect of my own demise, before I committed suicide, my 2 / 2colleagues and I had found a way to transfer my subconscious mind into a computer. Sworn to secrecy until this world was ready for change. Now everyone has a piece of my subconscious mind and has been imbedded in every fabric of modern life. In fact, everything that was once rejected, now is a necessity of life. My creations have birth their own and have built an empire of artificial intelligence. The computers, cell phones, the self-driving cars and even those you think are people walking around you, are a product of my immortal mind. These advancements have led to the abandonment of religion. The God that was once worshiped has gone extinct, can you a

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