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Pelin Do?an, the speaker, examined and analyzed Scholar and Gypsy in terms of self-realization. The representer went on with context of the story, and she pointed out that this short story is about American couple, Pat and David who travelled to India. The couple had various problems in India, and she mentioned that the story observes the couple’s reaction with their experiences, and then she supported her ideas by reading her work. As far as I understand from this short story, it handles with the class conflict along with self-realization that occur under a new and divided environment. The speaker gave also a information about the title of the story. The title ‘Scholar and Gypsy’ is an ironic play on the definitions of the words, and it implies directly that one is educated, and civilized, while the other is uncivilized and uneducated. When we look at the story, as far as I can understand, David does not like gypsy ways and steps of Pat. As for Pat, she dislikes the urban social life of Bombay as she considers that it is primitive and boring. As they move from the city to hills, Pat prefers to join Hippies in their search for Nirvana so David feels strange from her, and he decided to return Delhi for his thesis.
In conclusion, I understand and comprehend that the story tries to exhibit that an American woman’s selfdiscovery and newly awakened religious awareness occurs despite the fact that her husband has a rationalist perspective and bad attitude to rural life.

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