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A Research Paper Good Friends and Not… In Partial Fulfillment of the Course Requirements in The researcher would like to dedicate this research to her family who had inspired her and supported her in making the research. She also dedicates this not only to her friends but also to all of the teenagers who are experiencing peer pressure. L. Peer Pressure A. Definition B. Types of Peer Pressure 1 . Positive Peer Pressure 2. Negative Peer Pressure a. Spoken or Direct b. Unspoken or Indirect C. Where does Peer Pressure come from 1. Peers a. Definition b. Functions c. Statuses C.

I. Popular c. 2. Neglected c. 3. Rejected c. 4. Controversial 2. Adolescent Groups a. Functions and Formation a. L. Norms a. 2. Roles b. Cliques and Crowds b. L. Nerd b. 2. Beauty Queen b. 3. Sportsman b. 4. Hippies b. 5. Perfectionist b. 6. Addicts D. Effects or Influence of Peer Pressure 1. Positive 2 Negative a. Alcohol another drug case EPIGRAPH “The only people who are worth being friends with are the people who like you as you are. ” -Charlotte Levying the stage of being a teenager there are times when they are trying to find their identity and the way to find out is by Joining groups or clubs.

It can be really lonely having no peer groups. The enjoyment of a group that can form a personality that they will might carry for a long time or even through their life. In some ways a teenager’s life can be influenced in the way his group behaves. It depends on how each one cooperates with each other. Although there’s a need to be accepted, it doesn’t mean that a teenager could Just Join a group Just to say that he is accepted which can cause harm to his life. This is where peer pressure enters. It doesn’t really meaner that peer pressure goes along in a negative way. There are Just some chances that teenager

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