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Paul Fusel begins the chapter by stating any poems two kinds of basic organization. The poem may either be sciatic or strophic; in a sciatic arrangement, line follows line without any formal or mathematical grouping of the lines into stanzas. In strophic organization, the lines are arranged in stanzas of varying degrees of logical complexity. A compromise between these two can be found in heroic couplets, which are best thought of as sciatic, with a line of twenty, rather than ten syllables.Sciatic arrangement is found usually in large, dramatic, and expansive narratives such as Paradise Lost. Strophic learns more closely towards brief moments of emotion and argument; strophic structure is associated with music in the fact that codas mirror refrains in poems, therefore leaning towards a more poetic style, rather than social commentary. One of the biggest factors in a coherent essay is said to be the end- rhyme.

Not only does the end-rhyme of a line sound better to the ears than say a non hymen, the choice of words and semantics can cleverly balance themes such as irony.It would also be hard to argue that rhymes do not sound better than regular words in everyday language; many of our favorite phrases are rhymes that describe every-day chores and occurrences. The bottom line: pleasantly sounded rhymes exploit our pleasure of harmony and consonance. The poet writing in sciatic most be keen to line integrity – that is, whether or not each line works to form a whole poem, or whether he poem is full of run-ones, creating a “symphonic sense of flow and flux, a sort of tidal variation”.The use of end-stopping or run-on sentences can greatly set the tone and effect of the language used; traditionally, sciatic poetry maintains a high degree of line integrity. “If the degree of significant line integrity is one of the main formal concerns of the sciatic poet, the problems facing the strophic poet are much more taxing”. Some of these problems are seen most vividly through the use of sonnet. The Monet is in iambic pentameter made up of fourteen lines.

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The type of sonnet used determines the rhyme scheme and organization of the piece. There are many types of sonnet used, the four described by Fusel as Patriarchate, Shakespearean, Spenserian, and curtail sonnets. Each differs in the formation of quatrains and sestets (or couplets) and greatly affects the rhyme scheme.

The most common type is the Patriarchate (or Italian) sonnet, which I will be describing. There are three main parts to a Patriarchate sonnet: the octave, the turn, and the sestets.The octave is made out of two quatrains, with an baa rhyme scheme. These first eight lines tend to present the subject of the poem.

Around line eight or nine, the turn occurs, which is the white space between the octave and sestets. Generally the reader is presented with a logical or emotional shift and is truck with an altered view of the subject. The last six lines (CDC) form the sestets; the sestets function is to release the pressure or intellectual weight caused by the octave. 525 words Paul Fusel sonnet By epaulet

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