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Paraphilias Paraphilias is a set of disorders which include intense sexual urges or arousing fantasies that involve inanimate objets, sexual behaviors with non-human objects, and humiliation or suffering of one?s self or another person. Sexual behaviors could also involve children or a non-consenting adult. While paraphilias is rare, it is far more common among men(about 20 to 1 males to females), however, the reason for this imbalance is not clearly understood.

While few of these disorders are related to aggressive behavior, not all of them are harmful or aggressive. Some paraphilias – such as exhibitionism, pedophilia and voyeurism are criminal offences. In the following paragraphs, I will be explaining each of the most common paraphilias, as well as the cause and the treatment. Also, I will be explaining how they are involved in the field of policing.

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Exhibitionism (commonly male) may consist of masturbating while exposing himself, or possibly while fantasizing about exposing himself. The exhibitionist may be familiar with his need to terrorize, startle, or impress the reluctant bystander. The victim is generally in all cases, a child or a female adult. The outbreak of this disorder is usually sexual, child, disorder, voyeurism, treatment, paraphilias, children, behaviors, while, urges, sex, offenders, behavior, activities, should, person, often, however, fantasies, cause, both, attracted, abuse, about, time, sexually, related, psychotherapy, pedophilia, pedophiles, pedophile, males, involves, females, exhibitionist

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