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Apple-tab-span {white-space:pre}Understanding the importance of Public Space: What makes a Public Space ‘successful’ and recognising its social value and the importance of having Public Spaces within large urban grains, such as London.’Public Space’ – “An area or place that is open and accessible to all peoples, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, age or socio-economic level. These are public gathering spaces such as plazas, squares and parks.” UNESCO, 2017.

This paper identifies the importance of public spaces, recognising the vital attributes they possess and the balance that is needed, in order for us to sustain a healthy relationship with the built environment. Identified within this piece of text, are two case studies which I have analysed in depth – one of which I believe to be a prime example of a successful public space, along with the two different views of key theorists, and the opinions expressed of my own. According to the Heritage Lottery Funds’ document the ‘State of UK Public Parks 2016’, their key statistics reveal that 57% of UK adults use parks at least once a month or more, and that 90% of uk adults and children visit the park at least once a month or more. HLF, State of UK Public Parks, 2016.

When understanding the importance of public spaces in general, we take into consideration the fundamental vitalities that we can benefit from it, including: health – encouraged physical activity and mental health benefits, opportunities for social interaction, building a sense of community, being at one with nature and wildlife, chances to represent our diverse cultures, improving accessibility and creating journeys from one destination to another – all whilst building character. Cohesively, all of these positive attributes work together to form a more comfortable and enjoyable place for the human race to sustain in. The power of public space therefore is paramount, as it holds this value for freedom, potential engagement, opportunity, and the bringing together of different cultures and age groups, where one may not usually have the opportunity to mix and engage with other individuals.

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