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0px}span.s1 {font-kerning: none}span.s2 {text-decoration: underline ; font-kerning: none}It gives me a towering delight to introduce Mr. Anwesh Gundu as a potential student for the Graduate Program at your University. I have taught him the DATA WAREHOUSING AND DATA MANAGEMENT. I have known him for the past three years in my capacity as professor, department of Computer Science. My association with him has given me an ample scope to analyze his aptitude very closely, both academically and personallyIn my perspective, his academic know-how, competence, endurance and dedication, unquestionably makes him one of the most significant student I have ever seen.

His meticulous approach towards the subject, reflects his maturity, makes him a potential candidate for graduate  program in your deemed University. He has also worked under my supervision in organizing lab and Department works. He has maintained a consistently high level of academic performances right from High schoolMr. Anwesh Gundu also maintained a excellent rapport with his instructors and fellow students. He is very optimistic and never waits for opportunities rather creates them. Mr.

Anwesh Gundu is a very energetic candidate in the class discussions. His presentations of reports and departmental seminars have been exceptional, indicating impressive communication skills and good command over the English language. I found him extremely  motivated to do graduate studies and research. He has a unique blend of top writing and interpersonal skills.

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