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Over the years people have defined success in so many different ways, for some success is measured by fame; for others success is sustained by wealth, but in my opinion success is setting a certain goal with a good strategy on how to accomplish it and then achieving it, whether it be losing weight, getting a good grade, graduating from college, or getting a high paying job. Success is what we set our minds to.
Happiness is a drive for some people, they believe that as long as a person loves and enjoys what they do, they are successful, but people usually bewilder success and happiness ,success is earned through hard work and dedication while happiness is achieved through things a person loves to do ,there are a lot of people out there chasing after success thinking they will find happiness but that’s wrong because if being successful meant being happy successful people who have achieved a lot would’ve been the happiest people, but sadly the most successful aren’t always happy.
In the eyes of others, getting money is being successful, yes money gives control over a lot of things in life, but successes definition cannot lie just on money, just because someone is rich or has lot of money doesn’t mean they are successful. For example a sixteen year old boy named Rashed Belhasa from Dubai is one of the richest teenagers in the world ,he has his own company, car shops, etc…that he inherited from his parents ,we can say this boy is rich but we cannot say he is successful because he didn’t work hard to achieve the things he has.

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