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Over the years helping professions have always been a major contributor

Enhancing people`s wellbeing. The term helping profession
refers to an occupation that is concerned with addressing certain problems or
issues that individuals face on a day to day basis. The problems which
individuals face can be diverse in many ways .These problems can be identified
as physical ,intellectual ,psychological ,emotional and spiritual. Being that
these issues are different in many ways, there are different types of helping professions
which help people to cope with their different types of problems .One of these
professions can be classified as health educators and community health workers.

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This type
of helping profession is primarily concerned with improving the health of both

Communities  and
individuals. They seek to promote wellness by educating people about behaviours
that can result to a healthy lifestyle. Community health workers seek to obtain
information through surveys and interviews, during these interviews specific
questions are asked in order to obtain important information. This information
is then used to discuss certain health concerns with members of a community or
individuals in a specific region. The aims of these discussions are really to
educate people about the health risks, and also making them aware of certain
health practices that will contribute to healthy living. Health educators and
community health workers are normally expected to work in many different types
of settings.




This is due to the fact that health care is needed everywhere
because it provides a longer life and a better way of living. Some of these
settings that health educators and community health workers, work in would most
likely include: Hospitals, non- profit organizations such as, churches and
private health groups, government, doctor’s office, colleges and private

Secondly another type of helping profession can be considered
as mental health councillors and marriage and family therapist. This is another
type of helping profession that is centred around helping individuals, families
and couples to overcome certain mental and emotional issues or disorders.
Mental health councillors and marriage and family therapist seek to help
individuals by implementing certain strategies that will help them to overcome
or cope with certain mental illnesses. Some of these strategies are:
maintaining their medication, making sure they are taking the right proportion
at the right time and providing clean clothes and food for them to eat. This
type of helping profession also help marriages and families by having
counselling sessions in which they ask important questions and listen to
responses very keenly. These responses are then used to make an assessment in
order to come up with the relevant solutions for the client’s problems or

A third helping profession are special education teachers.
These specially trained teachers are normally hired by private schools that are
licensed to teach students who have a wide range of learning, mental, emotional
and physical disabilities. They also seek to teach basic skills such as reading
and communication skills etc., in order to make these students able to interact
with their environment to the best of their ability. ( and socil
service/health educators.htm, nd)



Lastly another helping profession can be referred to as
social workers. Being a social worker you will most likely be involved in
helping individuals by developing their skills and abilities in order for them
to use their resources to solve their own problems. Even though social workers
and psychologist are both helping professions, they share differences and
similarities. Firstly, one of the main differences between social workers and
psychologist is the fact that social workers focus primarily on working and individuals
with the intention of improving the quality of their lives. Psychologist on the
other hand also help vulnerable people who are going through stressful
situations, but the difference is that psychologist focus on working with
mostly individuals rather that working with an entire family or a group of
people. In order for social workers to help individuals, families or groups,
they first have to develop an understanding of basic human development and they
will have to become aware of certain behaviours that people portray.

Social workers seek to help individuals by enhancing their
skills and abilities to use their own resources to resolve social issues or
problems. For example; if crime and violence is prevalent in a specific
community, social workers are expected to implement certain strategies an
workshops in order to help the community to cope or overcome these problems.
Psychologists seek to help individuals by making their clients undergo various
psychological testing and counselling. Psychologist is normally expected to
identify certain behaviours as well as problems in which people face, with the
aim of making them overcome their situations. Most of the information in which
psychologist obtain is due to simple observation. The main aim of the profession
is to perform specific diagnostic tests for mental illnesses and also to
provide psychotherapy to their patients.

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