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Outsourcing: This Paper Was Written in India Hello, my name is Mishmash Patella, and I love America and its people. I work at the Brooks & Dunn Corporation in the tax support department. When they hired me, I began receiving significantly more money for my family than I was ever able to. I work very hard to help people with their tax problems. I have had many years of training for my Job, and I am Just as educated as any average American citizen. I speak English, Spanish, French, German, and my native Hindi all very efficiently.

I can say I have a Job because American companies made a well-educated economic decision to outsource their Jobs to developing countries like my own. When I took economy class in college, the professor taught me that outsourcing is a very important entity in an ever-changing and progressing global economy. When a company in a well-developed country like the United States decides that they want to have a lower labor cost and still have the same rate of production, one of the most popular ways nowadays to achieve it is through outsourcing, or “the contracting out of a business process to a third-party’ (www. Kipped. Org). Throughout history, impasses have achieved a decreased labor cost, particularly in blue-collar Jobs, by letting workers go and replacing them with machines or computers. Without the proper research, this sounds like a horrible technological invasion of Jobs in developed nations around the world. Thousands, if not millions, of hard-working persons lose their Jobs too mindless machine. With the proper historical knowledge, it is obvious that this change in worker occupation actually helps both the worker and the company.

The worker finds himself employed and earning a significantly higher paycheck and the company sakes a greater profit than they ever had before. This cycle of innovation, Job loss, and rehire has occurred time and time again throughout history. The problem people have about this cycle recently is that now the Job loss does not only happen to blue- collar workers, but to white-collar workers as well – and that is where my country and I come in to the equation.

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India is the second most populated country in the world, and is set to take the spot as the most populated nation within the next twenty years because of the its high fertility rate and low mortality rate. The labor population will only increase in he coming years, Just like the number of Jobs that will be outsourced to India, not just from the United States, but also from nations such as the United Kingdom, Germany, and Canada.

India is such an attractive location to outsource Jobs not Just because of the massive workforce, but also the cheap wages, the high graduation rates, the number of English speakers, and the high competitiveness that is evident throughout many of its largest cities (www. Crisscrossing. Com). It has been determined that outsourcing has now escaped from its embryonic stages, and analysts predict hat the United States will outsource over two and half million white-collar Jobs in the next three years, primarily to India, and secondly to the Philippines (homeowners. Mom). As a whole, outsourcing is simply yet another advancement in labor and technology Innovations. Every Anton Involved In ten Zoo transfer wall experience an increase in gross domestic product, every nation involved will achieve their ideal amount of external supply and demand, and every nation involved will notice an increase in employment levels. Though there is an initial increase in unemployment n the developed nations, there has historically always been a surge of even more higher paying Jobs that sprout from the innovation cycle.

Developing nations that receive outsourced Jobs such as India, the Philippines, China, Russia, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Malaysia, Ireland, and Poland will all experience an increase in economic and sociological development (hometowns. Com). The outsourcing of Jobs, whether they are blue-collar or white-collar, will benefit millions upon millions of people in the long run with higher wages and more Job openings than ever before – at least until the next labor innovation comes along.

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