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            Our culture subconsciously and
sometimes automatically labels others just by appearances. People are quick to
judge and are unwilling to give first or second chances. Freedom Writers successfully demonstrates that aside from our
outward appearance, our society and the citizens within are similar. Communities
are often linked together by their shared experiences or alternatively, forced
apart strengthened by mass media. Mass media has the potential to influence
society and change the relationship between stereotypical race and social class
structures positively or negatively. In the beginning of the movie, the
students thought racism and gang violence were normal. By the end, the students
found their true identities and realized that they have more in common than
they had originally thought. Opportunities were unlocked and stereotypical
perceptions were broken. This message and story is used in schools all around
the United States because of society’s accessibility to mass media.


            Gruwell’s colleagues and students
counted on her to fail. She constantly debated whether or not to continue
teaching. Through patience and compassion, Gruwell overcame and persevered
through her failures. This theme shows how inaccurate gender norms are for
working women. Women usually make pennies on the dollar compared to men in the
workforce, yet are equally and sometimes more capable than men.  This film was inspired by what took place
during the time of the 1992 Rodney King riots. A correlation could be made between
mass media broadcasting the riots and spreading awareness drawing an emphasis
for change in and outside of the classroom.

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Writers makes its audience consider the realities of the rich stay rich and
poor remain poor idea. The school official’s value the honors students that are
made up of Caucasian students whom they make more destine to become successful.
It is the honors students that are given the textbooks and materials when in
reality, the standard level and minority students need it more to succeed. Does
society allow upper class to be privileged and lower class to be unprivileged? The
way racial hostility, class differences and gender norms are broadcasted on
mass media inarguably impact how groups of people are depicted in society for
better or for worse. 

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