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Our world is in an infinite cycle of development, in which each aspect of our lives is changeable. One of the most significant factors that humans have always relied on, from stone age hunting tools, to 21st century smartphones is science and technology.They tend to make our everyday lives easier and more practical, by applying scientific knowledge to invent new things; and suggest solutions to the difficulties we might face. GMOs are a modern example of scientific and technical innovations nowadays, as they offer an adequate solution for many global issues. These genetically modified organisms are artificially adjusted organisms (mainly crops), using genetic engineering made to suit our needs.It changes its characteristics, and the “heredity traits” of the cell, organism, or population.However, they have several negative and positive implications, which will be discussed from an economical point of view. At last, are GMOs a blessing or a curse?   Hepatitis B is a vigorous and spreading infection that targets the liver and can cause two types of diseases, acute and chronic. The virus is transmitted through blood, semen or other body fluids, and not by sneezing or coughing (Southern Cross Medical Care Society). As mentioned, this problem can be caused by blood transfusions,which can be a result of blood donations that come from various places, to treat any patient. .Moreover, another cause of spreading the Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) is using the same personal items (water cups, teeth brushes, cosmetics,etc.) which is common in third world countries due to poverty and lack of access to such items, and even in more economically developed countries as well.Other than that, people can undergo infections and diseases,due to weak sanitation systems, lowering immunities down, thus bringing back viruses and infections that they used to have .New WHO data reveal that an estimated 325 million people worldwide are living with chronic hepatitis B virus , which further indicates how widespread the disease is. One way to treat this disease is to use vaccines which are needed to protect the body from catching the virus, as it strengthens the immune system.However, with the traditional vaccination against infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases and tumours can spread, making it a weak treatment method for Hepatitis B virus, in terms of making vaccines not 100% safe to use, should be refrigerated and are considered too expensive.

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